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An Overview of the Influence of Scent upon Human Sexual Behavior.
A r O u S e D A poetry composed when I was in my youth
We feel comfort within the bubbles we seek refuge in, but we have to be prepared for a time when they can burst, pop. We are also encased safely in a bubble we call planet earth that we take for granted.
We need to be proactive ~ rather than reactive ~ in dealing with the issues of life, Trials and Temptation are sure to come.
A simple Ballad about Lady Enticement. Short and concise.
The guy though old hasn't lost his spirit he knows he will get no second chance at all...
Wearing dress is something personal. Even if there are dress codes written or unwritten, modesty in dressing is to be observed. Improper dress should not create problems in public places. People are expected to wear modest dress in public places, especially in places of worship.
Being highly engrossed in your new found false happiness, you become oblivious of the reality creeping in stealthily. The moment slightest of inconvenience crop up, nothing remains same between you two, love vanishes in the air like camphor and cheating enters as third person. Then, c...
It is no surprise how easily people can be persuaded to become mules,
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