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The future looks desperate in light of what our leaders continue to do
The audacity of our leaders in congress and especially Trump have delivered the United States into a dismal future.
Christians we believe in the whole bible rightly divided, the new testament becomes our rule of faith, practice government, and discipline. God tells Adam and Eve, that they can eat of every single tree that is in the garden except for one, The tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
How Trump is attempting to push America back into the 20th century
Man has to make some serious decisions concerning the fate of our planet
We all know about cold winter weather and how to protect ourselves and family but we also have to protect out furry family members from the harsh winter weather
The environmental circumstances are urgent subjects of analyzing under the conditions of intense technologies and the industry’s progress. This socially positive process is not such one for the environmental system. We need to observe the next phenomena to protect ourselves awarenes...
Global South Support Programme for Civil Society in Nairobi, Kenya aims to support capacity development in four thematic areas of human rights, green growth, social and stability and protection.
Are you wondering what else there could be to know about this book and author? Here is the third and final part of the series on this author and her book.
DO you desire to do something good for your environment? Do you think people have always been caring about the environment? Or have you heard about this book? What happened with this book? And did anybody read it?
“This is the beginning of a whole new category of consumer products. You can own a piece of the movie, have it in your home, and relive an experience that is authentic to the entertainment on the screen"(1). “Rob Maigret, Sphero's chief creative officer”(2) may have sounded as...
Have you ever come back from a long absence and noticed how much things have changed? I enjoyed many a day on the beach as a child, pretending that mermaids exist. I come back to the same area years later to find environmental degradation.
This piece provides a brief description of the nature of humans explained through the example of man who is splashed by a car on his way to work. I am hoping it will give you an understanding of psychology and how psychologists help their clients.
Our time on Earth has been, in general, a disaster. Is it too late, for us and for the Planet?
We can stand, stupidly, and watch as our civilization ends, to be replaced by a godless redistribution machine, or we must must articulate a more powerful vision, one that sweeps theirs, however well intentioned, back into the global warming Hell from whence it came. But we must do m...
Wikinut writer LeRain has been on a mission to convince readers that climate change is a hoax ever since she joined this site. It's time someone called her out for writing her tales of fiction.
Privately, fossil fuel companies were acknowledging the truth of man-made climate change as far back as 1981, but now for the first time, a major energy company has publicly admitted that global warming is real.
A short poem reflecting the writer's anger about the society he finds himself.
Pollution is happening all around us and whether we wish to ignore it, pollution will still be there and the waste all around us will continue to pile. People are sometimes unaware about what pollution can actually cause and can only be astounded once faced with the situation or when ...
The Pope is back in his home continent. He is here with a message, and he is hoping this message about love and Environment echoes into every country.
It turns out that the fossil fuel industry knew long before the rest of us that their extractions were causing global warming, and that they embarked upon a deliberate disinformation campaign to confuse the public and cast doubt upon climate change.
The WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY recalls us of the favorite books which inspire us.These books, make us run out of doors and which are also great enough to stop us from moving further.Keep us surfing through the pages to learn and rediscover the nature and its beauty.
If you are trying to become a more environmentally friendly consumer, we have some tips on how to rethink your spending habits. Read on!
Is the world overpopulated? Are there too many people on the planet? What are some of the problems caused by the human population? Should we reduce the population? Why is the world not sustainable?
The poem revolves around the fact that don't judge anyone by their face as beauty lies in soul.
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