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Global South Support Programme for Civil Society in Nairobi, Kenya aims to support capacity development in four thematic areas of human rights, green growth, social and stability and protection.
We hear so much about extreme weather that it almost seems to be becoming the norm. However, what we should be asking is, what causes it, how does it affect us and what can we do about it?
The environmental issues concern enables the people in avoiding all the undergoing reaction of our economy. It provides an opportunity to the people discuss about the major problems and its causes on our society. So it can be said that people can be protectors and destroyers of the e...
Many people on fixed incomes can’t afford to pay the high cost of electricity to heat their homes. This is my own personal observation. I tell my father not to burn anything such as plastic and any other damaging substances in his wood burning heater.
Fighting ignorance when it comes to taking care of our environment. Around the world we are feeling the effects of destroying our planet. Its water, its atmosphere and its natural resources. We are squandering our mineral energy deposits and we are on the brink of loosing all the tech...
The article explains what is overpopulation, how it happened?, what are its effects, what impact it has globally and How it can be stopped. This article focuses on the one global problem of Over Population and its drastic effects leading to the generation of much worse problems like G...
From all the varied species, it is definitely the larger ones that are vanishing more quicker. The African Elephant, for one, is about to be wiped out.
Do you believe in Fairies and the little folk that reside in the Woodlands all around us...Hidden from adults but visible to a child who still believes in the wonder of what could be... Inspired by Sheila Newton's article...The Spell..
If we all did out bit, and realised how much our Earth is suffering, we could all make a change. It just starts with one man, and one step.. We hold the world in our hands. We have plundered and caused devastation to our climate, now let the healing begin...
In this article I have explained the introduction of environmental impact assessment. This article is totally related to the environmental science.
In this article I am going to explain the scope of environmental studies, natural resource conservation ,environmental management, research and development, social development, importance of environmental studies.
This article reminds us that we must love, care and propagate more our environment and the people who live here.
There are many practices people can do to help save our coral reefs. The important thing is to do these practices help save our coral reefs for the future generations to come.
In this 21st century, ‘Global Warming’ has become the scourge of our environment. It is the direct consequence of various adverse human activities. We will soon lose our own existence if we don't stop these effects of global warming rising.
Environmental awareness should never be underestimated. Here are some additional facts you should know about going green.
It is a common belief among cigarette smokers that they are only hurting themselves. In fact they are not only hurting themselves, but also the people who love them and the environment. These days everyone knows what smoking cigarettes does to our bodies, but the knowledge of what smo...
Asthma is a long-term disease that has already affected millions of people all around the world. It is generally caused by allergies to certain substances such as dust, gases, smoke, pollens, foods, animal dander, cold weather, environmental changes, etc. Coughing, wheezing, difficult...
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