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Introduction: The event of global warming has posed alarming challenges that prompt us to address our day to day household inefficiencies. But there are easy steps that every individual can take to offset the severity of global warming.
Many people on fixed incomes can’t afford to pay the high cost of electricity to heat their homes. This is my own personal observation. I tell my father not to burn anything such as plastic and any other damaging substances in his wood burning heater.
Fighting ignorance when it comes to taking care of our environment. Around the world we are feeling the effects of destroying our planet. Its water, its atmosphere and its natural resources. We are squandering our mineral energy deposits and we are on the brink of loosing all the tech...
The article explains what is overpopulation, how it happened?, what are its effects, what impact it has globally and How it can be stopped. This article focuses on the one global problem of Over Population and its drastic effects leading to the generation of much worse problems like G...
In 2012 alone, Kenya Defence Forces planted over 1.5 million trees and awarded Total Eco-Challenge Gold Awards for the care they take for the environment.
A Valentine's Day party is another great opportunity to have an eco-friendly party.
In this article I have explained the introduction of environmental impact assessment. This article is totally related to the environmental science.
In this article I am going to explain the scope of environmental studies, natural resource conservation ,environmental management, research and development, social development, importance of environmental studies.
This article is true story of the latest condition of waste problem in my country, which need advice for solution...
Have you done your part in solving the problem about our garbage disposal? How? Every citizen, young and old can help our government and Mother Nature in minimizing our garbage every day. What discarded materials in your stock room can be used as useful finished product? Here is a ver...
There are many practices people can do to help save our coral reefs. The important thing is to do these practices help save our coral reefs for the future generations to come.
Environmental awareness should never be underestimated. Here are some additional facts you should know about going green.
It is a common belief among cigarette smokers that they are only hurting themselves. In fact they are not only hurting themselves, but also the people who love them and the environment. These days everyone knows what smoking cigarettes does to our bodies, but the knowledge of what smo...
This article is based on my observations on the Monarch butterflies. I have seen them along the milk weeds. They lay their eggs, feed and pupate on the milk weed plants. I have taken photographs of their eggs, larvae, pupa and the emerging butterfly.
The disposal of electronic equipment that was purchased in Europe after the 13th August 2005 is legislated forby the WEEE directives - Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive 2002/96/EC and 2003/108/EC.
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