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Calls energy savings generally only back on the discourse of renewable energy use. In fact, energy saving can be very broad implications. One of them is to start using LED (light emitting diode) and energy management solutions.
We are all dream of a long and happy life in a clean, orderly, and the clean air. Actually, where is the best place in this world that it would be making everyone (its citizens) happy to life's? An index of 151 countries world wide express clearly that is where the parts of this world...
A herbivore eats plant mater, a carnivore eats meat, an omnivore eats both, a locavore is a person who eats only things they can find locally. A locavore is an environmentally friendly consumer.
In this post I present a few electric cars that most likely will draw the attention of anyone interested in the future of cars.
Many people on fixed incomes can’t afford to pay the high cost of electricity to heat their homes. This is my own personal observation. I tell my father not to burn anything such as plastic and any other damaging substances in his wood burning heater.
Poetry is the disclosure of a sensation or a flow of emotions that the poet believes to be emerged from his heart with a literary expression in which words are used in an intense blend of sound and imagery to create a touching response to the readers who indirectly or directly recogni...
Sick of GM food scare, "dead" pre-packed food from the supermarket, low energy? With a little bit of effort and planning you could be eating healthy, fresh and tasty food.
Environment as the totality of everything which surround our life has gained much control since the first era of industrial development in Europe. Many international conferences are being called to find solutions to the rapid impacts directed to environment from various common enviro...
Are we really concern for our future. We often forget that we have borrowed our land from our children.
There are some places in the world that stand to lose a lot more when global warming starts to make more of an impact. Perhaps this is why the Netherlands does more than most countries to offer tourists an environmentally friendly vacation.
June is a wonderful and vibrant month of the year for a huge variety of food. Read on to see what’s at its peak just now.
What exactly is seasonality and why should we be buying seasonally?
Human being can lead a happy and healthy life by being environment friendly. This article discusses the benefits of environment friendly attitude.
Listed here are 10 small things that you can do to conserve nature and be more ecofriendly. Small things matters, as tiny drops makes the big ocean.Do your job right for protecting the environment.
The Electric Car is starting to cause a lot of discussion, and manufacturers have started making them. Mass production will soon be with us (already planned in UK), so waht are the pro's and con's of owning an electric car?
This article reminds us that we must love, care and propagate more our environment and the people who live here.
Everyone wants to be trendy and get the lastest fashion items, so some snub their noses at Charity shops and Second Hand stores, but these can be great places to shop... and not just for clothing!
It is very easy to develop and adopt energy efficient lifestyles, whether you run a home-based business or a corporation of thousands employees. The whole point is in really wanting to reduce your business’ impact on the environment.
Environmental awareness should never be underestimated. Here are some additional facts you should know about going green.
It is a common belief among cigarette smokers that they are only hurting themselves. In fact they are not only hurting themselves, but also the people who love them and the environment. These days everyone knows what smoking cigarettes does to our bodies, but the knowledge of what smo...
Solar power is a clean and pollution free energy source since it only generates energy from the heat of the sun. It can be used to generate heat, light, hot water, electricity, and even cooling.
More people would go green if those who preached about it would make it a whole lot easier.
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