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Understanding your Illness equals half the cure. Having seizures once or twice in your life time does not necessary mean you have epilepsy.
Learning about the brain and all its mysteries is important for our mental health and general health. The more we learn the better our treatments and cures will become in the long run,
El Aura(2005) film review. Late Argentinian filmmaker and director Fabian Bielinsky's farewell to cinema in the style of Machinist, 21 Grams, Memento and Jacob's Ladder.
Researchers at Duke University (USA), have been identified in a study in mice a receptor in the nervous system may be a key factor in preventing epilepsy after a prolonged period of seizure.
Here are a few guidelines that can help you provide first aid to a person having an epileptic seizure.
Biofeedback is the necessary means by which common everyday diseases like headaches, hypertension and like as well as some complicated diseases like strokes, Epilepsy and others can be taken care of. Biofeedback has no essential effect like drugs and surgery.
Since I can remember, I have been the keeper of my brother. Billy has gone through so much in his 50 years here on earth, that would take most men out. His bravery to live each day, has and will always be a ray of sunshine in my heart.
If it involved a neurosurgeon in an operating room - would that be classified as healing? And if it cured only the physical symptoms - would the healing process be complete? I was about to find out.
Do you often experience feelings of deja vu? Do you feel an old experience although the truth it has never happened?
Epilepsy is a complex neurological disorder. This article contains useful information regarding Epilepsy.
As a woman you have to deal with so many symptoms that arise when it's near to or is that time of the month. What if you also had to worry about your epilepsy being triggered due to the changes in hormones your body produces.
if you read my earlier article titled 'keep pushing' you will see how when and how i was diagnosed with epilepsy, now i'm going to talk about some of the other challenges I faced once diagnosed
We are often trying to include many things in our lives that lead us to believe that we are living a healthy lifestyle, we have to be careful of the things that we are putting in our body, they may not be as good as you think they are.
Sweet flag (acorus calamus) is an excellent herb having wonderful benefits. It is an inevitable elixir in the grandma’s medical chest. It is an assured panacea for all bronchial and stomach problems of children.
a short article about over coming fears and striving to be all you can be, regardless of labels people put on you, regardless of your situation. Learning to be happy with yourself, before you can be happy with anyone or make anyone else happy
I suffered from epilepsy for 4 years of my teenage life, at that time I was misdiagnosed with panic attacks. Although i have been epilepsy free since i graduated from high school, it's still an experience i cannot get over, even knowing other people had it or have it worse than I did.
Perhaps you have seen the movie "Wolfman" or even "Twilight" and have wondered if a person could really become a werewolf. Indeed these legends had to have a begining someplace... right?
The week of 5-14-2010 the training subject for Mobiles EMT’s and paramedic’s concerned epilepsy and seizure management. During this about epilepsy and seizure management emergency medical responders are reminded of what the definition of a seizure is and what causes a seizure.
a short story based on a picture of a man looking like he is about to attack a boy.
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