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Words are only powerful when they are spoken, written, transported from our thoughts to the page, to emerge from the incunabula of our most infantile ideas. Only then will they create a world that breathes our own truth. Our own unique perspectives can become like paraphs on the writt...
I was prompted to write a piece about relationship progression and the epiphany experienced at the end
A short piece of five small lessons that blew my mind.
In many cultures, Christmas is celebrated not on the day of Jesus's birth, but 12 days later. Shakespeare called this day "Twelfth Night." It is sometimes known as the Epiphany or, in many South and Central American countries, "Little Christmas."
I have never met a word I didn’t like. I started writing stuff in second grade near as I can remember. As soon as I was able to round up a few of those critters (words), I began the process of arranging them in pen sentences and paragraph corrals. That was fifty-five years ago. ...
Lenten season takes us back to the purpose of Jesus coming to this earth. Herod of Christmas (may be a different Herod) comes again at the end of Jesus' life. Nativity period of Christianity comes to an end with Epiphany, commemorating the visit of the Magi from the east. It is an int...
My anger at a girlfriend's infidelity dissolves in an instant.
There are moments of sacred like importance which permeate your memory with long lasting ripples. These moments are the golden epiphanies of meaningful, sane and sometimes unsaid words in the presence of the sacredness of love.
~I didn’t enjoy working at Wal~Mart~especially didn’t like the lunchroom~too much b.s for me, the tin bosses hung out there~so I’d go freeze or sweat in my truck in the parking lot~ I was rewarded one day when a most beautiful ugly angel appeared~
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