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Even those who think nothing of giving everything they have as the right thing to do become aware their efforts are being taken advantage by few who are out to exploit their kindness causing a pall of gloom. The giving and taking highlights our attitude to life and it may well be give...
Building home equity is an important part of becoming more financially secure. Home equity is defined as the total value of the home minus any outstanding loans taken against the house, such as a mortgage. By building home equity, a person or family can works towards having a paid off...
In the name of beliefs, few manage to dictate their wicked agenda. The irony is the vast majority are held hostage by few by setting one against another playing on our emotions. When common sense is allowed full play, our differences fade away. Our goal is clear - mutual coexistence d...
True meaning in our lives and peace will be possible only through a just and inclusive society. The rich-poor divide should be bridged; now the chasm is getting wider even in communist and poor countries leading to stress within society.
PART 2 illustrates what I was looking for and how I found it. Have a read of my investment track record and go from there.
This article is about investing wisely in equity stocks.
During difficult times and financial distress, we can't help but worry. It is good to know what should be done when these things happen.
Be realistic about your gains. In the long run, the value of your home can have an expected rise of about one to two percentage points over inflation.
You should take good care of your home by making all the necessary repairs required. This will keep the value of your home high, any damages on the property that are not repaired will become major expenses in future and they will decrease the value of the home.
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