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A writer's voice plays an important role in a writer's career. Read further to equip yourself with the much needed skills to develop one and become a writer like no other !
this page has an information about the career path that is "how to achieve goals in your career "
Writing an essay can be daunting at times. You can activate the auto-pilot and write a mediocre essay presenting only the essential information without having any ounce of originality. Or, you can spend some time developing your writing skills and make your next essay a special one. T...
This topic shows the experience which I faced in my first day at University.
This piece of writing is all about your essay writing issues. It provides information regarding applications that can be used to make the task easier !
Sunrise indicates the beginning of a new day. Embrace it and don't spend time rearranging the past.
Writing is at the heart of academic life, so it’s essential you get the basics right. Here are five writing techniques that can help to improve your grade.
Writing essay is part and parcel activity for students that require diligent attention and adherence with the topic and formats, etc. for lots of students, it is the entangled task to develop good essay; here is some basic tips to have a glance.
A child's memory the summer that she experienced her first roller coaster ride.
Sampled from Tim O'Brien's "The Things They Carried," this short essay reflects on some of the things that I have carried, the things I still carry, and the things I have learned to let go.
This is a small essay dealing with the situations we face in our life that leaves us helpless The author makes an effort in his own way, reaching us how to get off it.
"Life is like an expedition; we must pass over the highest peak of obstacles for us to view the golden hue of sunrise in our lives." -Amethyst-
There are basically four kinds of essay writing: expository, narrative, argumentative, and descriptive essays. Out of the four, descriptive essay writing opens up avenues for students to develop creative writing abilities. Descriptive essays can be unique and self-sufficient in that a...
The English Language is taught in Nigeria as a second language. ESL students in Nigeria usually fail essay writing tests. Despite the fact that essays are easy and fun to write, students find it very difficult and boring. One of the reasons for this is that teachers have not given stu...
When do you stay quiet? Is it all right when a person stays quiet amidst chaos? Here is a sharing of one who chooses to be quiet, at times.
The following list of writing persuasive essay topics is useful for kids, high school and college teenager students. These informative ideas and outlines can also be used for your next speech presentation.
This is a college breakdown of Langston Hughes' poem "As I Grew Older."
The present page is a substantially abridged version of an article on research methodology written by me earlier at . The page highlights a tool called coordination schema that may be useful for undertaking academic research activities.
Despite the introduction of the welfare state, poverty still exists in Britain. Is this true?
Well, I wanted to write something. And this is what I did as just wrote whatever came out of my mind.
Are you experiencing the phenomenon called writer's block, even when you want to write at Wikinut? Let's make up our minds thus, each one of us: "There is no such thing as writer's block."
I have written this last November 2010. I have seen some mistakes in my work but I chose not to edit it. I love how I am so careless and improper. I know I will improve someday. I have a long, long way. :)
pinkscarf_insomniac's view of her life.. She's going to write hers a remarkable one.
One definition of an essay describes it as a composition that focuses on a main topic.
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