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Inspire your reader to take action. Then provide specific help in your author box as the next step in your reader's growth. Your resource box is what closes your sale, so make it compelling. Now that you've learned more ways to grab your readers' attention and keep it, you're ready to...
This piece of writing is all about your essay writing issues. It provides information regarding applications that can be used to make the task easier !
Three foolproof methods that will help you get a better grade in your essays. Easy marks can be lost because of silly mistakes - these three tips will help you avoid that!
University life can be hard. Money worries, making friends, fending for yourself in the big wide world (how do you work the washing machine again?) This page is designed to make your life that little bit easier. Here's a list of tips and resources for you to bookmark.
Have you ever come back from a long absence and noticed how much things have changed? I enjoyed many a day on the beach as a child, pretending that mermaids exist. I come back to the same area years later to find environmental degradation.
Chronicle of a Six Minute Workout routine that went from forty minutes to none.
We all have relationships with others in our lives. This article ponders on the basis of human relationships.
Sunrise indicates the beginning of a new day. Embrace it and don't spend time rearranging the past.
When I needed to write a paper on Carver's story What We Talk About When We Talk About Love, I found few resources. Here is a paper I wrote about this short story. I hope this helps! The page numbers are from my textbook, but this story is printed in multiple media and can be found on...
For any aspiring writer, these are the basics. No matter your story telling prowess, you need to be able to present it in a coherent way.
There are some people in this life that seem to have no good whatsoever in them. Does that make them worthless?
The author reflects on a childhood growing up playing Barbie every day. There is the standard way to play Barbie...and then there is the wacky creative way. Read on to see Barbie like you've never seen her before.
This is an essay on Friendship. This is my opinion and an essay I wrote about what I think of friendship.
As someone who spends a lot of time alone, I tend to think and observe. This page sums up all of those thoughts and observations that somehow show you a part of my life :)
Life is only one. In order to make the best out of it, we should live it to the fullest and make an adventure of it, for what is life without the challenges and the accomplishments?
What happens to a holiday like Valentine’s Day when it is commercialized? This article offers a critical overview on how society’s views on love and Valentine’s Day have changed from emotions, to greed and materialism over the decades thanks to consumerism.
Relationships in a farming village called Thorn Grove and how these relationships are under threat due to a variety of circumstances
Relationships in a village called ThornGrove and how they impact on people, the community
Writing essay is part and parcel activity for students that require diligent attention and adherence with the topic and formats, etc. for lots of students, it is the entangled task to develop good essay; here is some basic tips to have a glance.
Sampled from Tim O'Brien's "The Things They Carried," this short essay reflects on some of the things that I have carried, the things I still carry, and the things I have learned to let go.
This is a short paper I presented as part of my research project many years ago. It covers the issues surrounding Congressional Power and how the Supreme Court, over the years, has utilized its balancing power to keep Congress in check.
He is just one of my whole friends. He is a good boy. And already 5 years I recognized him
Never before the social media was used as a tool to vent their anger against the tennis star Maria Sharapova, who feigned ignorance of Schin Tendulkar, the greatest living cricket icon from India. The psychology behind the same is analysed here.
This is a small essay dealing with the situations we face in our life that leaves us helpless The author makes an effort in his own way, reaching us how to get off it.
India is in midst of its Parliamentary elections, and has never witnessed such blatant display of pseudo secularism by political parties. An expression by the author.
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