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This Aromatherapy page contains the links to Aromatherapy Suppliers, & the References I have used; & my recommended reading list. I have included a link to an Essential Oil Database, which is a rich source information about Essential Oils, and I hope, that in your early Aromatic fo...
This page is all about, how we can use Aromatherapy at home, for a whole range of conditions, and by using Essential Oils in ways you might not have considered before, I will highlight the work of Dr. Jean Valnet. (1920-1995.) upon whose teachings I have based my career in part on his...
Making your own Natural Cosmetics & Professional Aromatherapy Products, is fun & easy. I will show how you can save a fortune on high quality Natural Cosmetics, by creating your own.
This page seeks to explode the Myth about Why Aromatherapy works & to teach you how to use Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Safely, with full knowledge of their Properties.
What are Essential Oils? How do Essential Oils work? What can you use Essential Oils for? What are the benefits of using Essential Oils. Read more to learn more about Essential Oils and health.
I recently discovered the amazing results when using essential oils.
Aromatherapy, has been an important branch of Ayurveda used for internal as well as external treatments. Ayurvedic physicians healed various ailments with this therapy. It is holistic and has a great scope in the modern medical science.
Cellulite is an accumulation of water and waste in the fatty layer under the skin, which causes lumps to form and gives the skin that horrible orange peel look. So what can you do to stop it? With some simple, affordable tips you could very well stop it before it even happens.
Nature may hold the answer to your beauty woes, essential oils can have amazing results when used as part of your everyday beauty routine.
French physician, Jean Valnet, inspired by Gattefosse's work, also used essentisal oils on wounds during the war. In 1964 he wrote a book entitled Aromatheberapie. To Valnet is due the credit of having brought aromatherapy to its present status.
Learn the benefits of aromatherapy- How essential oils can relax the mind and help deal with stress and anxiety. How some oils have the anti-bacterial compounds that heal.
The odoriferous substances which are found the flowers seeds, bark, grains, roots, resins and leaves of cultivated or wild plants are called essential oils.
Essential oil bathing is a wonderful way of de-stressing at the end of a long hard day. It is a particularly effective way to aid a natural, restful sleep as well as having benefits for the skin too.
Tea Tree (melaleuca alternifolia) may be one of the most known and widely used essential oil. Native to Australia, mainly New South Wales, this versatile oil was traditionally used as a remedy by the Aboriginal people. It's strong natural antiseptic, antifungal and antiviral qualities...
Just like the changing of the seasons your skins needs are constantly changing too. The cold weather and use of central heating can play havoc with anyone's complexion, causing dry patches and redness. You may even find that your normal skin care routine is no longer solving the probl...
After birth, a moment of most intense for the newly released moms, many of them decide to take matters into your body and try again in the shortest possible time, as before, or as close before you know they would deal with pride pregnancy.
If massage is an art form, the massage oil is the medium.
An essential oil is a substance in liquid form that is distilled from the leaves, flowers, stems, bark, and roots of a plant. An essential oil can be viewed as the soul, the life force of the plant from which it is obtained.
Plant oils have so many useful benefits for physical and mental health. Here is a few essential oils and how they can benefit YOU!
Cold and flu are as common as air and water. There can be nobody free from its attack. Some remedies ready at hand can protect you from the disease as well as from its tension.
Spring is the season of flowers. Flowers bring happiness. You have always felt happier when you were surrounded by fresh lowers. Flowers have special healing powers which have been utilized from ancient times.
Most people like the flavour of ginger but don't think much about it's health benefits. It is especially useful at this time of year, when people are riddled with colds and eating huge meals. Read on to learn more about just how good this root is for you.
Down that rinsed off your hair after every wash, and since what I do, I do not need any conditioner. Vinegar odor disappears quickly, while the scent of essential oils lasts ...
Aromatherapy is the most effective therapy involved in our life even without knowledge. Our nose is the most powerful organ of sensations. Aromatherapy acts through the smell of aromatic oils and heals.
A basic guide of understanding aromatherapy practices and treatments
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