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Role of inter sexes in the society are confused,rather not straight. Culturally they are different from the main cultures of the society. But they are the creations of the God. Psychologically they can not identify with the main stream of the life. Stigma an...
Birth control, in one form or another, is generally the first thing an endometriosis patient is given to "treat" the disease. Find out what it does and whether it's helping your endo.
Fatigue of a person is deficiency of releasing andrenaline by the andrenal glands of the person. It happens when the person is under continuous stress without recreation and pleasant experiences.
Modern world is growing balder. Both men and women of this computer era are losing hair. The more they are worried about their hair they more they are losing it.
Drink two or three cups of coffee daily and reduce your risk of breast cancer growth. This is supported by the new research from Lund University and Malmö University in Sweden.
Women who breastfeed reduce their risk of developing breast cancer by as much as 25%; the more months or years a mother breastfeeds, the lower her risk of breast cancer. But that's just the beginning of the health and practical benefits breastfeeding moms can enjoy.
Today we can see that great emphasis on handling everything by swallowing a pill.
Estrodiol is a naturally occuring female sex hormone that is arguably the most important hormone produced by the female body, the reduction of which signals the end of the childbearing phase of ha woman's life.
Birth control pills contain estrogen, which, as a side effect, cause the breasts to retain water. But this is not true breast enlargement.
Your hormones play a major role in deciding whether your skin can get acne or not. What are the most significant hormones in our bodies and how do they decide our skin’s health? This can be of great importance for females, as they have to go through a monthly cycle in which hormonal...
Headache is unpleasant sickness. We had better know the causes of headache to prevent it occurs.
Cases of accelerated puberty in young girls and the "transgender" phenomenon are occurring with increasing frequency.
Eating a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and grains along with regular exercising can help aid the prevention of breast-cancer. With exercise and working out helps our bodies to manage surplus estrogen.
Endocrine disruptor gets locked in to your fatty tissues and they can not be excreted out of our bodies as they are insoluble in water and they get accumulated during our entire life time.
You may be examining your options for treatment to alleviate symptoms of menopause. Choosing hormone replacement therapy or an alternative should be carefully examined and discussed with your health care provider.
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