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The pen is mightier than the sword, but our power of speech comes from The Lord
We, as a nation, suffer from apathy, not caring much about those who would destroy this nation – anarchists! Read more:
This is a poem about Dying and reuniting with your loved one.
All the qualities of duality, as bad – good, correct – incorrect, desired-unwanted and etc. are created from consciousness through ego. This raises the desires, aspirations, feelings, etc., which enable the infinity of options in the game. The game is an attempt to achieve the fin...
This came to me as I started to write. I love watching the sky with all its colours shifting and changing throughout the day and how the clouds draw pictures for me. Night brings forth a different view...glittering stars on dark velvet incredible...alll
There are many people all across the world who believe there is life after death. There are a few reasons why people believe in life after death and one of the main reasons is that some people have had a near death experience and have had an out of body experience that allows them to ...
The poem highlights the inheritance of body and mind, its wonderful status and divine of it - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
A Poem that I thought about using as a title for a collected works of poetry in the future. So this Poem is the aftermath of what I thought of. Comments are open.
Nicodemus was a Pharisee - part of the religious leadership in Israel in Jesus' day ...But he was also a seeker of the truth concerning Eternal Life ...
I wrote this poem for my brother who was tragically deceased on 28 Feb 2013. I felt a need to make it public as a remembrance to him and a way in which to honour him as he was dearly loved and will be greatly missed.
We can sometimes feel as if something is missing from our lives, that no amount of worldly goods can ill. You have been awoken from a dream and have forgotten something very important. We travel though life looking to replace this lost memory, but without success. This longing has be...
Listen carefully to the voice within for it will guide you to places you never knew or believed existed. Fantasy you may call it, reality for some like me. The land of magic far beyond the knowing of mere mortals.
Inspired by after seeing some people comment back and forth about two women and their weight one person's picture was Marilyn Monroe and I was thinking how we worry too much sometimes about certain issues in our lives.
Looks at what really makes us happy. Explores and looks at satisfaction, whether professional or personal at different angles. Discusses what really keeps our souls happy and motivated
To live is to feel, at the moment I feel like to disappear again!
I wrote this poem in 1998. Here I am trying to say that there is actually nothing in the Heart of Matter as we can see in the atomic structure of the Elements. When you go on dividing the subatomic particles we can reach to 'Nothing' finally. Similarly there is Life in Death and v...
This is a short poem about those internal echoes, why we have them, and what they mean
Every woman wants to go to heaven. She wants to go to heaven without having to die first. A wedding day is therefore every woman's biggest day. Getting married is getting to heaven. Yet those last few minutes before walking down the aisle, with butterflies flying in her stomach, it fe...
A short poem to act as a reminder that it's not only the walls that have ears!
Why are we never satisfied with the kind of love we receive from others? Why is it that our hearts are always hungry for affection? Who could possibly fulfill our inner most being?
This is a short poem written to describe the ultimate reality exisitng in a True Friendship
Life is too short to abort, but long enough to send out an SOS
This is a short poem to remind us where to focus our attention. The test of wealth is Greater than the test of poverty.
Poetry with a message. Poetry is more than words on paper. It is the venue by which much deeper lessons can be transmitted through the eyes, heart, and experiences of the author. It is not just a hobby, but more often is a real part of the soul of the poet departing a very real part o...
One of the pages out of my diary which I hardly wight in I have a few of them. I really don't share my diary's makes me nervous and its basically the same thing as a secret. I swear Im always whining about being hurt some how.
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