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This is an article about keeping true to your agenda and following them through for people to see. It also has a section about being self-aware as well as being aware of the differences in circumstances others face.
When you go to work, especially where you are involved in projects or purchasing then it is true that you spend other peoples money all the time, yet the entrepreneur almost automatically assumes they must spend their own money, yet the heart of financial freedom centres around the ab...
Am I a thief if I take the little shampoos and soaps at the end of my stay in a hotel?
I explain when it is proper to be ethical and the fundamentals of morality.
Information security is crucial, if we shall maintain some order in the computers. We all want to have teliable and private. Integrity is also very important to every user of information.
god -the name itself is unknown but everyone knows it , yes its truth that nobody has seen god , but still he is known to everyone , by bearing secrets of the universe. god is the supreme power , here i will reveal about him , even though defining him is not possible but still i will ...
Do unto others as you would have them do unto those you love the most.....
This is the last part of Morality and Ethics in the Educational institutions- Bangladesh Perspective.
This is the continuation of the Chapter -4, on Morality and Ethics in the Educational institutions- Bangladesh Perspective
This is a short paper I presented as part of my research Project many years ago. It covers the religious, historical, legal and social issues surrounding mercy killing, also known as "Euthanasia".
This article is a concise summary of virtue ethics and its main points.
How people are thinking about moral or ethical values and different motives.
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