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A eulogy I wrote in honor of my cat, "Mr" Jack Diamond
I love to hear the national anthems of different countries.
This article portrays my personal reflections of death as I formulated them after the death of my friend's mother.
Tips for writing a eulogy. What to say and what not to include.
A poem about a son's recollection of his mother's life on the occasion of her funeral.
Let your mind run free and your words fly too...a myriad of things each one a meaning deep doth carry...find that out for yourselves....
~I’m real~I’m human~but I’m not an ordinary man~no no no~Jim Morrison ~does the hellbound howl at you?~Nietzsche~ you haven't got long before you are all going to kill yourselves, ~Charles Manson~thus I pacified Psyche & kissed her~Poe~Jesus is the bomb~do you see him~
~blessed be the grave~the afterlife~we cannot forget that which we do not forgive~wrongs cannot be undone~victims and survivors understand~life goes on~witnesses and confessors press their hands against that final door~raise their heads and move on~
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