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From 1 December to 5 December 2014, French employers staged the “week of Employers' Mobilisation for Growth and Jobs”.(1) This action highlighted how inefficiently French entrepreneurs' interests are promoted in the public sphere. This is particularly striking in an European Union...
On June 23rd. Great Britain will vote on whether it continues to be members of the European Union or to leave At the time of writing, polls show it is neck and neck between Remain and Leave, would Britain be better in or out? let us look at some facts
“The law of the Union is ever growing and it seems now certain that, with the terms law of the Union, we refer not to a specific domain of the law but to a legislative and jurisprudential setting similar to that of a State.”(1) This introduction underlines the existence of a se...
On the background of the new lobbying strategy currently in development,(1) the Austrian companies are making their way to the top and back to their privileged territory.
Lobbying can be divided into three different pathways : the optimisation of the economic activities, the social representation and the political representation. These three intertwined paths are extensively traversed in the course of a career.
Jack Abramoff's story shows that the most efficient lobbying strategy during his career consisted in “owning” the public sphere without actually being part of it.(1) However, the borders between lobbying and politics became blurred. New perspectives arose. New methods were develop...
The Court of Justice of the European Union (EU) laid the foundations for a coherent EU legal system.
Twenty-four European banks have failed stress tests of their finances, the European Banking Authority has announced.
Screams coming from the castle have been heard late at night, and shadows are often seen around the darkest corners where the moon hits just right to heighten lurking figures wishing to not be caught on camera. Orbs are just part of the deal when filming begins at the castle.
A song contest that has never produced songs or singers worth listening and keeping.
The EURO disaster is striking at the people only a short 12 years after the inception of the new currency. In my 2 earlier articles I described in detail what was done wrong at the creation and implementation level.Unless Greece and all other Eurozone member countries discover the stu...
Contrasting Slavery as it was practiced in North Africa with European slaves to that of the Americas with African slaves
Here is a summary of my first trip to Cyprus many years ago.
The second part of the series on Slavery in America
Understanding how it came about, why it continued, and why it ended
There is a belief in the minds of some people that somebody dark cannot be good-looking - because he or she is dark!
The scourge of slavery has been a stain on the history of America, and has cursed african european relations for centuries. This article seeks to unroll the history of one of history's most tragic episodes, and give it some relevance for today's generation.
If it is the Lord's wish, He will facilitate my plans, but if I am tardy in my agenda, while allowing time to pass by while I get fat and lazy of the things of this world, I shall be unsuccessful in my plans.
A part of the Tata Group, one of India's largest business conglomerates, Taj Hotels Resort and Palaces comprises 76 hotels, 7 palaces, 6 private islands
This is a recent news story about a family on vacation that has a car accident at the stonehenge monument which in turn causes it to collapse.
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