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Based on the market data, one can conclude that the worse than expected results pushed the US dollar to weaken against other currencies. While euro was strengthened by upbeat results in the euro zone, downbeat data in the US pushed the currency pair EUR/USD above 1.12 level.
On June 23rd. Great Britain will vote on whether it continues to be members of the European Union or to leave At the time of writing, polls show it is neck and neck between Remain and Leave, would Britain be better in or out? let us look at some facts
Paul Krugman calls the punishing austerity being imposed upon Greece "madness." This is the beginning, in this observer's opinion, of the final breakdown and disintegration of the capitalist system as it self-destructs, throwing millions into abject poverty.
As Greece seeks to be relieved of its crushing debt load, Angela Merkel forgets her nation's history.
The austerity imposed by Europe's money men on both Greece and Spain have brought disastrous consequences, and the people of those two nations have now risen up to say " enough" and "no more."
On June 1, 2013, people will demonstrate all over Europe against the draconian measures being imposed upon the people by the great lords of money.
Italian voters have strongly rejected the austerity imposed upon the country by the European Union.
Two different approaches to economics take Europe and Latin America in vastly different directions.
The EURO disaster is striking at the people only a short 12 years after the inception of the new currency. In my 2 earlier articles I described in detail what was done wrong at the creation and implementation level.Unless Greece and all other Eurozone member countries discover the stu...
A year after the EURO implementation irritated Europeans struggle with the aftermath of an ill-conceived and unprofessionally implemented changeover to a common currency. I could almost say: "I told you so!"
The installation of a brand-new currency is governed by a strict set of rules, rules quite known to the bankers, yet in the case of the currency replacement for 12 European member states those ground rules were not followed by its creators, and so I predicted 12 years ago for the EURO...
In Greece, it is now brother against brother as riot police are ordered to break up demonstrations by other policemen.
The privileged status which greenback enjoys is the resultant of politico-economic standing of its country. Strength of a currency is dependent on the financial capabilities and reputation of the geographic unit it represents and not vice-versa.
The Greek people, fed up with draconian austerity measures imposed upon them, have taken to the streets en masse.
the resurgence of the golden period seems impossible for the great mascot of European Union in foreseeable time.
With Italy on the brink and perhaps even beyond it, Greece in the economic world's equivalent of a sewage tank, and Slovakia, Ireland, Spain and Portugal close behind, European leaders keep talking about the long-term viability of the Euro. At what bloody cost, ladies and gentlemen? K...
The world is awaiting with bated breath and trepidation the outcome of frantic negotiations between the White House and polarized US lawmakers to prevent an August debt default with global repercussions.
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