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A "tertulia" is an informal gathering on which some people meet regularly to talk on a choice of themes and to practice the art of conversation.
So Mother wants to speed away from the black truck driver who's walking up to her window. What if he eats us!!! Whaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Well we're still chasing after and behind and in front and on the side of the truck Mother directed a wrong way to.
Mother's sister's music school is hosting an organ concert by the one and only Marrick Max, the world famous organ player. And so, Mother's sister Levenice asked Mother to buy tickets and support the event. Well actually I found out later Mother said whether Mother attends the conc...
All monkeys followed the suggestion given by the leader. By evening all the plants in the garden were lying on the ground.
Recently I wrote about the sublime beauty of a Sunrise, so it seems appropriate to conclude with a reflective poetic prose about winding down at the end of the day.. A time to relax and reflect with those you hold most dear..
Like myself, some people didn´t seem to be ready to go home and to bid farewell to the 2013 Christmas.
That was quite some reflection on the past Kevin just did, and he closes his journal. Good heavens, such a lot has happened in life. And it's not over yet, but right now he can see the sun over in the West setting as it does, while the sound of the Night Train can already be faintly...
Why we should share evening meals with people that live near to us. Meals won´t taste the same when they´re enjoyed in good company and conversation.
This poem tells about a person who like everyday comes to home after work but there is no one waiting for him so he drifts out he comes to know that it was no ordinary day.
Come and join me on this long June evening. Watch the the mystic wonder of the forest embrace the summer night.
I always find the evening to be one of my favourite times of the day when the sunlight is gently fading out and all is peaceful .....
This is my poor attempt to portray the beautiful sight of the millions of starlings we see on a winters evening in England .
On travelling home one evening I noticed the beautiful rays of sunlight surrounding a grey cloud - and these words started to flow in my mind.
At the end of a grace-filled day a grateful heart thanks God who is the source of all blessings.
A definite reflection on the evening sky and how it brings about a certain peace and loads of lessons to learn
Merlion statue is the symbol of Singapore with body of a fish and head of a lion the statute is at Merlions park Singapore.
This article is about enjoying the nature with the pleasant evening
A lullaby poem for my three precious granddaughters...
A beautiful reminder of the fragile beauty of life itself; softly the evening melds into the sea and the darkness of night.
Tender as an ocean sunset memories are as precious as the gentle rains of spring.
Two contrasting seasons bring the same inner peace to my woodland home as night approaches...
Each season's beauty is reflected in it's sunset ....
The sea reflects many conflicting passions and moods...
Evening is a balm to give solace to the restless soul...
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