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MLeads is a cloud technology (SaaS) based innovative mobile platform for Leads and Event management automation system that you can access anytime anywhere on any devices.
Events can be of many types with each requires time and money to make them successful. Surely you don’t want all the investment to go astray therefore leave no stones unturned and give your best. How effective the occasion has been can be determined by several factors such as traffi...
Your venue is set, the decorations are organised, and you know exactly how your venue will look. Now to create the mood! Music is an essential part of any event to not only add a background noise but to impart the sense of mood you would like to create. In Part 4 of the series, I will...
I have been there, and done THAT. Let me tell you about my book launch and how I organised it myself for under $1200. This is the introduction article to a series that will follow, about my experiences and lessons which I hope will help in your quest for the perfect book launch event.
Although in our life all events are important, small events are more important than big events because our life is made of small events.
Wedding checklist is an important tool to help event planners or engaged couples not to miss important wedding details. Here are essential details for your preparation.
Becoming an event planner requires industry knowledge, various skills, and right attitude to be able to become successful on events planning career.
Events management industry had grown rapidly in the last five years increasing opportunities for professional events planners (or commonly called as events coordinator or events organizer). Here are some basic details about events management.
A good caterer should be someone who can help you put it all together while making sure that the food and the details will be well remembered long after the party is over.
Here I am presenting some top ideas and tips for Party Supplies for Colorful Event.
If you do your own event planning, here are some tips.
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