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it's a short story of how she met her husband and how she live her life with her husband and wonderful children.Simple things can be a big contribution to a simple yet happy living.
These are things in my mind i woke up with, pleas read and enjoy, my mind was full and needed to express it.
How often do you speak or write? To many of us these are skills we use without even thinking about it, but for some people the ability to express themselves can be a challenge. Speaking and writing may have been some of the primeval skills we learnt as human beings, they helped us com...
These are my personal tips ,advice,about keeping fit ,exercising and decreasing your weight in the long run.hopefully others will find benefit from these examples as is the way I have benefited.
This is a view on our daily living based on Scripture. It helps shape our attitudes towards things and situations in our lives.
This piece is about motivating yourself to do what you were born to do. Do you know what you are to do with your life? This will help you figure that out.
A poem for my son for Father's Day. Reminding Him that God is everything you will ever need. He has questions , and answers to all things.
A humorous story about how difficult it is for mothers to simply take a shower.
You might be asking why is your life the way it is. However, it is said that "Life is what you make it to be". Do you agree?
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