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short poem about angels eyes in the heavens,that down at us 24/7.. look up on a dark night and think !
These are things in my mind i woke up with, pleas read and enjoy, my mind was full and needed to express it.
It's Valentine's day on Friday, and I am feeling the love. Just wanted to wish everyone a lovely day. Read on to find out more
When we look at present day and go back in time couple of hundred years, we could have done the same thing, if we only have now.
I propose a challenge. Pessimism is not my tone. It is merely a love fueled by fear. Fear, not of the unknown, but of the predicted.
It’s Christmas soon, and in the spirit of goodwill, I am wishing everyone seasons greetings. Read on to find out more. :
November PAD Challenge Day 23- write a deep poem. In this case writing about the depth of a person.
I am very friendly and by this article I am just sharing my views the way I see my friends...
November Poem A Day Challenge Day 13- Kindness Poem.
One day you looked yourself in the mirror and found that there is some problem .you don't look fresh,and you don't have time to go to saloon or spa!!! This is the time when home remedies work.
Some steps you need to follow and look smart!! a walk before meal,slight control on your diet plan is not a big deal.
Valentine's day shouldn't just be for lovers, it should be for everyone. Enjoy it!
A poem about a random word in this case emotions. Also about how they affect us.
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