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When will we despise eternal fate. Urged on by twisted views of religion burned and branded into us. The infernal gate ensures we force ourselves into the passage of the flames. Everything has been told, yet untold.
This article is about the reasons why some people do evil things. The article uses video games as a template.
This is my first writing of this piece and my first act of writing in the new year. It came to me in a dream last night.
while everyone is worried about the demise of the dollar and other world currencies and ISIS drafting rich, bored western girls, sitting around looking for the next socially evil thing to side with,
Let's face it, a ghost doesn't take up much room, but if you really want them gone, call in the professionals. Paranormal investigators might just solve many of the homes haunted issues since ghost hunters can either debunk or prove the presence of ghosts in your humble abode.
If you come across something that you see as being evil, it probably is so. Evilness hides behind ignorance. The outer person often creates images of false energy that clouds around them and obscures the real soul within from them. This happens because they have the freedom to do so...
Close my eyes at night to slowly fall asleep but someone or something is pulling on my feet...
The Devil & his son haunt me in my sleep Sounds crazy but when I close my eyes I could feel them floating over me.
Hate said he would rule the world. He said all people revel in his teachings. He was wrong.
I believe even evil people have a purpose in life..
A couple struggles with the loss of their young child and an evil spirit takes advantage of their grief to try to gain a foothold in their life.
It a sort story about Vampires. Not the wimpy twilight stuff, and a little hint of ante rice because i love her.
So as a Christian let me ask this question, how come Jesus Christ was crucified for helping others, the same way Mother Teresa did?
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