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One must always rise and surpass the evil surrounding us, such as the ones disguised as lovers. It's hard to recognize that these people are hurting you when they constantly tell you that they love you. Majority stays and few fight to walk away. But those that do serve as an example o...
The history of the world is always the constant struggle between good and evil
Lust is the source of all evil and we must produce the big wisdom from love.
The Bible mentions the cities of sin. One wonders whether modern sin cities also exist.
Early in child years through my youth to my adult years I have discovered that I have had learn life lessons the hard way. Story shares a brief experiences of what I have had learned through the years of my life. Sad times as well as my ups and down, hardship and grief moments of my l...
Lies, deception, war, demonic posessions, more lies and more evil and more deception and more Satanic possessions... such is everyday life at South Africa's universities.
At one time or another, we all have thoughts that are not so pure. We battle within our hearts and heads to ignore these thoughts but, sometimes, they get the best of us. If we are not careful we can be overcome by our thoughts; at times and with out help we could fall prey.
Terror has again stuck in the dark of the night. On a fall night again the chaos ensued brought on by the evil intentions of man.
Some people have practised evil and division-sowing into an art form. That would be Mary and Harrison.
So who are the bad guys in EENDAG? It is here where we would like to make you aware of two characters, Malman Uyz and Muyz.
Harrison has his own thoughts in his head... and he wants someone dead!
All ANC big men loooooooooooove Nelson Mandela and worship him as a god above God, right? Right? Apparently not...
Creatures need to behave in a way that appeases humans, otherwise they have no place with us on this here earth.
People have been thinking about good and evil for perhaps thousands of years. If God is totally good, whence comes evil? If evil exists, why doesn't the good do more to eradicate it? This article is an opinion piece, where I offer the reader a few ideas of my own about the problem...
Marzeus is feeling sick as he's standing holding Wolverine. This isn't why he brought people along to help him! He didn't want to kill! He wanted to save!
When Marzeus arrives atop Tower Hills, he is in a real hurry. The first person he meets is Waldorf. Waldorf's truck seems ready to go too. What bad luck! Waldorf drove merely an hour before in his truck and got a flat tyre. It's not changed yet.
The Ancient Ram Inn possesses such a level of paranormal activity that the locals claim that there is a very real and chilling aura that is nothing less than menacing. Child sacrifices are a part of the building's history, and it is believed that one of the murdered children, known by...
Ants are generally considered lowly insects, but with advances in technology they can be converted into superheroes.
Our Creator God allowed His Son to pay the price with His life for everyone to experience lasting peace If we wish to maintain peaceful relationships, it is critical that we stay away from jealousy and selfishness. Wherever there is jealousy and selfish ambition, you will find dis...
This article is about when people end up hurting others, hurting the ones they hate, love, or maybe people they don't know! It lists 3 reasons a person may hurt someone else.
Excerpt from The Universes of God 3: The Chronicles of the Antichrist
The telling of David Zane an immortal magician whom is made known and is contacted by the police to come and give some insight on a number of murders which they are baffled by. Life starts to heat up a little when he is exposed to the community and of course the underworld hears of i...
So who is the bad guy in the movie series EENDAG? Well, we meet them now: Malman Uys and his grandson Muyz. They look scary!!! Whaaaaaaaa!!
Chapter Three of the Book of Genesis is the story of the first man and woman whom we now know as Adam and Eve and their sojourn in The Garden of Eden.
This is my first writing of this piece and my first act of writing in the new year. It came to me in a dream last night.
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