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When you study to take an exam you need to prepare not only in relation to the content that will be charged in it, but also as to your emotional. After all, pre-test anxiety can become a major deterrent to getting a good result by undermining your performance, increasing your stress l...
Contrary to the expectation of parents and teachers, a  lot of students do not get the mark they deserve because they do not study properly, regularly and systematically.
CBSE board is going to conduct NET (National Eligibility Test) examination on 27th December. Read more details about CBSE UGC NET answer keys and admit cards.
Hope you all will able to get all important details about CBSE 12th Result 2015 on our articles.
PEC (Punjab Education Commission) conducts the class 8th result for all board students. Exam for class 8th was conduct in month of February and exam starts from 26th February 2015. Currently PEC board busy to develop result preparation for various boards.
Although I am certified physician I am once more studying for exams in an effort to further my career and improve my practice. Here are se thoughts on studying for exams.
This is page is about how to create desired results for good marks in your exams through meditation.
This article is about the Postponed Exams during our school/college days
This article is for students who are worrying about failures in their exams
Laughter is the best medicine. So read it and enjoy...
Exam times are very tough during student day's as those are the times students study hard to pass the exams
The story of meeting an unknown girl who became my life partner later on !
This article is about civil or public service exams which is conducted by the government.
This article suggest you to concentrate with your studies during exam time to get good marks
I have finally got around to writing another constitutional amendment which I would like to see in our United States Constitution. I have already written a 28 regarding term limits on senators and representatives. This particular amendment would require a U.S. citizen to pass a test t...
We know we should revise through out the year. We don't. We tell ourselves that next year we will be better. Every year. It's 2 days before your exams and you have done... Absolutely nothing. DON'T PANIC!! You can still pass with these tips that have been thoroughly tried and te...
A lits of tips and hints on how to pass your theory test first time.
Read about my experience of a " Fate deciding exam " , how I screwed it up! But , have later discovered that few deadly truths in life surpass even the worst of your nightmares .
See how one can so slyly and cunningly answer this question in a funny, humorous and tricky way
A day in my shoes - starting with a worm that was never mine, and ending in a cup of sweet bitterness.
Don't you just hate it when you leave important things to the last minute... literally? This rant explores my personal experience with the common scholastic tendency of procrastination. (Admit it, we all do it.)
We all take part in school exams. But we all do not do equally well even after having almost the same preparation. There are always some people in the class who make brilliant results with the minimum effort. But how do they do this? Here are some tips for you so that you can achieve ...
A report is a very formal document that is written for a variety of purposes, generally in the sciences, social sciences, engineering and business disciplines. Generally, findings pertaining to a given or specific task are written up into a report. It should be noted that reports are ...
Copy pasted from my blog as usual. Just a random thought from my head one day when i was thinking about exams.
a nice joke in an exam paper when asked about the possible thermodynamics involved in hell (if it exists)
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