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With every page written the author needs to think about many things, including spelling, grammar, and presentation, it all starts with the page title, but ultimately it is possible to write an article that Wikinut considers perfect and here are some clues as to how you might do that.
Why do some articles get more views than other? Good information, and hard work promoting are part of it, but articles with good titles and excellent summaries will get more views on their own. Learn what makes a good title or summary for your article.
Incisive information you should know when purchasing pens
A short, funny, bittersweet story about George. George wants to understand something that maybe none of us can ever really understand
Here is a list of some of the Top Free Poetry Posting Sites of 2012, in my humble opinion. I have had exposure to all of them at one time or another. Here are their email addresses and a little bit of information on what they are about.
We've seen action films and dramas and chick flicks, but has anyone seen a Geek Flick before? This is (in my own honest opinion) the best example of a Geek Flick.
When you write your Wiknut article, Blog, (or indeed an article for any Internet site) you need to tag it well! Tags equal views, and this is one thing every writer must keep in mind.
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