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I am a baby boy who has left heaven to come to the earth. Like others I chose my parents and family before leaving and I am accompanied here by my two angels who have promised that they will never leave me. I chatter away as I await my birth, then realize that I am about to be born.
your hands on my body, turn me on your hands on m skin, I love it!
This piece is an perfect example of the peace, beauty and enjoyment you can experience in South Florida's most remote and pristine areas. And also how "You just never know what might just happen!!! Enjoy! Only the best, Dan
Vibrations don't just happen on your hip because someone's calling or texting. Vibrations are everywhere and everyone and everything has them. Here's how to recognize, decipher and shift your own vibe by just using your thoughts!
This page is about the excitement which we got while receiving the payment.
Gareth Gates has proved himself very versatile over thet last 10 years, and is now soon to be entertaining 2,000 lucky people on a cruise ship.
Finding out what my Best friend wanted and now has got done!!! A boob operation that is not needed really!!! But what am I to say!?? I'm blessed though... But not as perky though!!! :-(
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