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Whether God exists is a question people have been trying to answer through the ages. At least once in our life we are asked this question and have to answer. One interesting fellow once observed that if we are asked this question it is always safe to answer that He does exist, because...
All good books deserve a good review. They need to be brought to the attention of those who need to read them. The book being reviewed here is one such book. We can deny the truth for only so long in our human minds, and bodies. Our soul's truth will always get through to us somehow ...
God, as Truth, has been for me a treasure beyond price. May He be so to every one of us. Mahatma Gandhi
the path taken leads me to the moment, when a distinct world was created, and I saw the crystal glow of heavens light
There are proofs of the Existence of God: Aquinas views God as the source from which all things come. In doing so, he acknowledges that God’s existence is not self-evident in this life
…some decisions may cause a lot of troubles. …for instance, you are a good guy. …you have a lot of friends and almost no enemy. …your close friends have recruited you to join the fraternity. …their motto is all for one and one for all. …now, the question is, are you g...
I wrote this poem in 1998. Here I am trying to say that there is actually nothing in the Heart of Matter as we can see in the atomic structure of the Elements. When you go on dividing the subatomic particles we can reach to 'Nothing' finally. Similarly there is Life in Death and v...
There’s a very good reason for man’s continued existence, but all good things come to an end.
When we are in troubles we refuse God. When we are well we neglect Him. We never search for Him.
Just to make myself clear to believers and non-believers alike.
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