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Here you discover more about the nature of our souls and the meaning of our existence on the light of the repeated birth in flesh. Here you know the great secret of Christ and how he leads the history by leading the souls to embody his words. We see that we were given the repeated bir...
Rebel with a Cause - a very week social drama due to disregard of psychological science. Logan Lerman plays a depressive adolescent growing up alienated from a sick society where gender issues, love, family matters and ethical justice are in question.
A short description of how depression feels to me. There is a common misconception that depression is just like being sad about life all the time. The truth is much more hopeless, and often involves being happy occasionally too. For me it felt like existing in my own head instead of a...
Some thoughts on the eternal question surrounding people wanting to know who they are.
Nature can show the way, to rid ourselves of anxiety, so that we may enjoy inner peace.
Rollo May was a renowned psychologist and the author of bestsellers like Love and Will, Man's Search for Himself, Power and Innocence and The Courage to Create
A poem about things. The challenge is to figure out what those things are.
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