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Pigs are very smart, on par with dogs. If you know that you could not handle owning a dog because of time requirements, then a pot bellied pig is probably not the right pet for you. Learn more about selecting and care for a pet Pot Bellied Pig.
What is a Herp? The word Herptile, or Herp, generally refers to any reptile or amphibian. For many people these are scary animals, but for others they are the perfect pet.
Many people think they want to own an Exotic Pet, and some get one too soon, without much thought. Know the facts, the pros, and cons, of keeping an Exotic Pet.
This article is about some of the pets that you can keep outdoors. Not everyone wants pets in their house so why not get an outdoor only pet. Also learn why cats and most dogs should not be outdoor only pets.
Are you looking for an unusual exotic pet? Would you like a pet that is cheap and easy to care for? Perhaps a pet rock is just the pet for you!
Fresh herbs and exotic spices have been proven now to prevent and even cure the illnesses that the civilized human being is plagued with. Quietly people are changing to a healthier lifestyle, they buy organic or biodynamic food (or grow their own) and even go out to forage some wild h...
Another challenge for Wikinut writers. Share your knowledge and experience with owning a Pet. Good articles will be listed here so people can learn about owning a pet from somebody who has actually owned one and shares their details, and tips, of pet ownership and responsible pet ca...
A phone call out of the blue, Have I learned anything from my encounters with scammers in the past?
There are many types of pet rescues, some are legitimate, others are scams. If you are forming an animal rescue, or are looking to get a pet from one, or give a pet to one, you need to be sure of some facts.
Skunks are not commonly kept as pets in most areas, but in areas where they are allowed as exotic pets they are becoming popular and trendy. Obviously the main concern is smell, but skunks can be de-scented and tame ones are not likely to spray anyhow. There are many things to consi...
Although I do not want to encourage anyone to get Bobcats as pets the fact remains that some people want these exotic pets and as such this is to provide them with information on care of such a pet.
A romantic escape to a island on a Caribbean Sea; experience the air filled with scent of flowers, the old city of St. Pierre, powdery sand of Les Salines, and the local cuisine.
Here in the Caribbean punches are well loved and here is a favorite when it comes to punches.
The local flavor and aroma of this fruit is so delicious you will can't resist it.
This article provides some weird and exotic plants not known to exist in nature.
I recently visited this lovely garden, and would like to share my experience with you.
A shy colledge teen falls inlove with one of his best friends, he tries to hide it because he doesn't want to ruin there friendship.
This short story is about a Vampire who falls in love with his servant on a Saturday night. (Warning!!! VERY EXPLICIT AND NOT SUITABLE FOR ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 18)
I wanted to write an enchanting poem. Then without any inspiration, somehow I tried to put down some words. And I spun them into this free verse which I felt was thrilling. I don't know how you feel about it. I have given two different formats to the same poem. I think they give a ...
On a rainy night, I was alone at my seaside dormitory sitting by the window and looking out into the dark street that glistened with reflections of the moon in the puddles of just-rained stagnant water. I wondered about the strange nature that seemed quite mysterious to me and a thou...
Islam is a puritan religion and women in Islamic soceties are controlled to an extent. However winds of change are blowing all over the world.
Have you ever been to Mexico? If you visit this exotic country you should go to a bird watching trip. It will be unforgettable.
I keep pet sheep as lawn mowers for pasture control. In the winter they need extra feed, to help pay for this we breed them, and sell the lambs (hopefully they go as pets too). I would like to introduce you to our 2011 lambs. You may note some are rare breeds.
A brief visit to the sights and attractions of this beautiful South Pacific Island
There is something very different about the Silkie Chicken. Not only are they friendly fluffy birds, but they have blue/black skin and flesh, blue earlobes (yes chickens have earlobes), blue/black bones, and these chickens even an extra toe.
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