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Do you really want to stop your addiction to your beautiful Smart telephone? Follow then these simple rules.
When it comes to buy Christmas presents for our loved ones, it pays to write a list and to think of what they're like and what might want or need. Do never choose a present at random.
My dreams and hopes of at least owining my own home have remained just dreams over 10 years, it seems they older I get, the further that possibilty is slipping away. I do not know if I should give up or continue to keep it on my bucket list.
Is there such a thing?, only if we make it that way. Read on to find out more
Most expensive Necklace with yellow diamond of 407 carrots for sale at Singapore's Jewellery show. This expensive diamond necklace is for sale in the Jewellery exhibition for 55 million dollars
High end make up is expensive, there are no two ways about it. In selfridges you can be paying up to £60 for a coloured powder that goes on your face and supposedly enhances your beauty, but with a burgeoning high street make up business and 'dupes' of almost every high end product h...
A cafe in Newyork serves only pure water, but they are charging $ 2.50 for bottle, they process the water in seven stages to get the pure water.
A food specialist is preparing world’s expensive kebabs, it is cost nearly $ 12,00. The kebab consists of expensive ingredients
A poor family from Jilin province of Northeastern China migrated to the Beijing for the education of their children and due to lack of employment and money they took to the contract on public toilets and living in there itself.
The most expensive cheese of the world is Donkey cheese which costs more than 1000 Euros per kg, to prepare 1 kg cheese it requires 25 ltrs of donkey’s milk.
This page is about the educational expenses. We must save money for the educational need
Bamboo furniture is strong and eco friendly with a new look to your homes.
New Meditation Om Pad in Lavishness way by Alberto Frias new creation
Brett Dye, head teacher of the school is running his school in second hand double decker bus, to educate all
This page is about shopping expenses. We must organize our shopping activities to enjoy our life
This condition actually will be costly for parents, for the purpose of educating children of parents would want their children to be a good person. Unlike being a professional gambling. Because of the professional gambler is able to produce something worthwhile.
Day by day the prices of the things are increasing gradually and it is really hard to maintain a family in this modern days. We are in need to increase our earnings based on the expenses.
This article is about earnings and expenses. Most of us having higher expenses than our earnings.
A contingency, pleasant or harmful, may arise in our life. It would be prudent to be prepared to meet such contingencies.
Santa Claus is too busy in classifying the letters poured in this season and trying to find out answer to them. Even Santa is scratching his head and moving his hands on his white beard in confusion which toy to select or what gift would please modern kids.
The end of the year brings holiday gifts and increasing expenses. The income does not always keep up with expenses however and that can make things scary. When income continues to decline it can become terrifying.
Arranging a child's birthday party need not be an expensive proposition. There are many free and inexpensive things to do. Advertising notwithstanding, more money does not automatically equal more fun.
Expensive bars are actually better value for money...
Are we all supposed to be crazy over branded stuffs as we grow up? Share your opinions.
Some people are practical, saying that it is good to be full when you go for shopping. When you are hungry, there are tendency that you will be tempted to eat on impulse which will eventually makes you to buy expensive foods. It is good to eat first before you go out to shop to avoid ...
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