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The time I went to a memorial service and messed up.
My experiences that I had as a direct sales consultant.
Whether you're happy or unhappy about something can sometimes depend solely on your perception of it. This is something I've known but forgotten again, until life recently reminded me of it.
Saying good-bye to Max and his chattering and wishing him good fortune in his adult life.
Have you ever wondered how hard it might be for a teacher to control you when you were a school kid? You might be very busy with your classmates,complaining, imitating,taunting each other.But it was the teacher who was going on watching you and trying to mold you, punishing you to...
The precious gift is having your own mom and appreciating every little things she does for all her children. She is an inspiration to each one of us in a very positive way. Thank You Lord for a mom like mine. ;-)
I end up going to a lot of expositions, conventions, meetings, political gatherings and whatever else my wife can find to torture me with. Its her entertainment, and this is what happens to a tattered mind, like mine, when I let it wonder away un-tethered.
This page is all about my bitter experience of life.I wanna share with everyone.I hope it will help them no matter if a little bit.Some experience are memorable for nice deed but those are not such useful for future.But the bitter experience are very useful for a nice future.You can r...
My boys were growing up and turning into hopefully the men Mark and I envisioned them to be. Their teenage years were not always easy, would they make it through? Each one of them would have to lean on God for all the decisions they were about to make. This is where I had to let go a...
An ongoing work in progress. This is one of many versions, a possible attempt at an epic, I'm not really sure. I think this was a companion piece to something earlier, just never quite wrapped it up. This version was discovered when going through some recovered files on a now deceased...
All of us grow old this has to be unless you die young. Aging is a difficult process for some and maybe not for others...depends what goes on in your mind and emotions and how you feel about yourself. But always the divinity, the loving will shine from your eyes for your eyes are wind...
Read about two experiences this writer experienced as a passenger in her family car as a youngster.
Memories that will remain in my heart while working abroad. First in Al Khafji and the second time in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The ups and downs in my career as a Nurse that made me a strong and determined person.
I almost bought a fully electric car until I test drove it for few days!
In Kabbalah, challenges and sadness keep coming to us again and again, is a situation called "Tikkun", which we need to fix some problem within us, so that the issues won't come again anymore. But how can we truly correct our Tikkun?
There is someone but I hate to mention names seems to be making bad comments and I just got 2 from her. Deleted them :(
This is a reminder to live life to the fullest and take in the moments as they come. We only have them while they are here.
In life that will certainly gets older, the burden and experience acquired will certainly turn more and more, and if the bad life happens not see it as a burden that will end up being the shackles in our minds. try to be able to be sincere in accepting everything that has happened, an...
Them good 'ole days when the computer age was but a mere distant addition to our lives, were definitely better
I've been writing on wikinut since a year and I want to share my experience.
A short piece of five small lessons that blew my mind.
When faced with disapointments people react differently and while life has its ups and downs facing disapointment can ruin the life's expectations
Missing someone can be hard; time passes and you wonder if it's still real or if it even ever was. After being single for so long, it can be interesting to fall in love again; long distance doesn't assist.
Experience cum knowledge...SOME ARE MORE KNOWLEDGEABLE THAN experienced...So we learn as we move on
This page will feature different stories reflecting the culture of the Philippines through my own experiences.
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