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An Overview of the landscape of writing online, the scams, the low pay, the tricks and how to avoid them
Four more online 'writing'/publishing sites you might want to check out with the usual caution.
Examing the few writing sites that actually do pay for views.
Why leave ExpertsColumn when in fact you can still make money from the previous articles you have published on their site? EC is back with new makeup and offers more earnings opportunities for the old members and new would-be contributors.
This is an outburst of some ones desire to enjoy life one's own way why lead other's lives
This piece will provide an overview of some of the sites that writers can post their written work online. It will conclude with an introduction to a new site that writers can submit their written work for profit.
My earnings from the article writing sites I publish on including WikiNut, Triond and ExpertsColumn.
Among the seven sites, five of them namely: Allvoices, Bukisa, ExpertsColumn, Triond and Wikinut are popular for India users and the other two: HubPages and Squidoo are popular for United States users. The evidences are shown on the screen shots for each site that India users dominate...
It was a nice surprise coming back after a brief absence being paid by two writing sites at the same time. Wikinut and Expertscolumn just paid me for my writing.
My relentless attacks on Wikinut, my mother site, have finally boomeranged on me, a prodigal son.
If you’re planning to build your own website – the first thing that you would think about is the niche or the theme of your website and then you would have to determine which web address you will use for your website: Is it by using a Sub-domain or your own Domain name?
Expertscolumn accepts almost all of subject topics that columnists have written. However, there are times that the site will kick off columns that violate its site's rules and policy. Based from my experience with this publishing site - after a column is published, the said column is ...
An insightful comparison between two article publishing shared revenue websites.
The new approach the has adopted is really appreciable. I thank the management team of Expertscolumn for all their efforts to take it forward towards glorious heights.
It's been five weeks since my last update of my progress in my million views challenge, but what a cracking five weeks they have been over on expertscolumn with views rising very fast.
I would like to write objectively about the ranking of my very much-loved publishing sites per
My experience (and earnings) publishing articles and the amount publishing sites pay per view.
Recently, there are many site appear on the internet, which allow users to publish their own writings, and earn some royalties on it. Some of them are scams, but most of them are not. But among these pools of choices, how can you choose the most suitable one for you?
A lifetime in Spain at the time of inquisition and the part the Pope played in this. The realization She comes to that forgiveness is the big key to entering the Kingdom of God.
These short but succinct details for each of the 12 signs will give you an overall picture of what is in store for you in July. But always remember that these are an overall look and if you want a really detailed reading you should contact Steve Kinsman who is one of the best astrolo...
A shocking look at the current graphs of six random writing sites
These are the places I get most of my ideas from when it comes to writing.
This is to share my experiences with writing websites I love, each with varying intensity.
A legitimate writing content website who offers freelance writers an opportunity to earn online. Payment through PayPal.
Sometime back I was looking out for some websites to write articles online. My motive that time was creating as many back links as possible for my website. But soon I discovered a massive industry where through online writing/content where people are leveraging the products like Googl...
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