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I have now been swimming across the Internet for five years now I am able to swim but against the currents of life..Someone teach me to dive...
Dedicated to all the Teachers Who show me the Way in every Path and Come as teacher of my Life.Please Accept this few words which is dedicated only for you.
Love can be the best thing that ever happened to me a long time ago. Was I dreaming,no one knew Or maybe I had been dreaming for quite sometime and its time to break the ice and tell him the way I want to be the one woman in his life, married happily ever after, after all these years ...
I had no idea whatsoever and what to say when he left without the slightest gesture. I felt lighter and my mind and body swayed entangled with memories and moments, when i first met him after years.
It's a place where you would find stories of love, romance come to life. All the answers to the questions about relationships you ever pondered upon.
A message about how much children can and do influence our lives. How to listen, watch, and learn from children. They are our teachers!
Some one asks what is poetry all about Its simple as this poem ,except that poetry must as it should emanate from the fathoms of ones heart
Yes, my dog does follow me everywhere, if I let her in, she will be willing to have shower with me. That is their tendency, their language which expresses affection and love towards their master or anyone who gives them yummy food and cuddles them.
Do you love someone but do not know to say ? Here are ways of saying I Love You
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