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This is a short piece on what it takes to get men to come talk to women. It may seem like a womanly game but it isn't really. So basic and so true it could even boggle the mind. It makes sense and will even make you nod as you see just how basic it really is.
Nonverbal communication is just as important as verbal communication. This article will discuss the various types of nonverbal communication and how it reflects upon our mental health.
The dream to be someone else, turns a boring life into a mysterious reality.
Do you need some spunk in your storytelling techniques? These tips may help you tell a story that will keep your young listeners sitting on the edge of their seats.
Romantic kiss is adopted for announcement of affecting feelings, love, sex and hot desires. Some tips to chase while kissing to access joy of the moments accommodate to acquisition your aperture in cable kissing order, breach blow barrier as quick as possible, accomplish eye acquainta...
The speaker should also show some gestures. These are the movements with some parts of the body done in order to convey meaning and establish emphasis. Gestures can also be use in order to catch attention. The use of gestures must also be adapted to the size as well as in the nature o...
In the normal eye the lens inside is clear and transparent, but when cataract develops it becomes cloudy and opaque. So the light is not focused on the retina through lens which leads to blurring of vision. Surgery is the only way to remove the Cataract.
Have you ever heard about Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)? If you are working on a computer constantly either in your office or in home you are likely the affected by CVS. CVS is nothing but eye fatigue or eye strain arising out of focusing errors.
What should you do or what not before, during and under an interview? Read some really useful tips.
When communicating with others the process of eye contact is as important as the words we speak
The eye contact was considered as one of the important aspect of a positive nonverbal communication.
You can let him know you are interested in him without having to make the first move. Follow these simple guidelines and leave the rest to him.
You have met your ideal guy but how can you tell if he feels the same way about you? These quick tips help you to decide if he is worth getting to know better.
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