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Diabetics can get all kinds of disorders associated with uncontrolled blood sugar levels. One the many disorders concerns the eyes.
I cannot stress the important of cleaning your contact glasses enough. A Florida girl almost lost the sight in one eye because of having a parasite on her contact lenses.
Monocular Vision: A new way of looking at the world.
The dream to be someone else, turns a boring life into a mysterious reality.
What goes on inside the eyes of a human, including the many parts of the eye and their importance to vision.
Describes the eye diseases and disorders. Gives instruction on treating them.
if you've seen a Hollywood version of Cleopatra or watched a NatGeo Special on ancient Egypt, then you're aware that Egyptians wore makeup--and plenty of it. But you may not be aware of recent discoveries that show that there was much more to wearing makeup than just wanting a prett...
Clouding of lens of the eyes that is painless develops gradually with time, mostly affecting older age people of age above 65 years. If left untreated, the problem might worsen leading to eye sight problem of blindness.
Cats can turn into little tigers. At the vet they are ever so well behaved, but at home it`s not quite the same thing.
Some eye infections are very contagious, Pink eye is one of the most contagious of all., those who come in contact with someone who has this infection are at a vey high risk of becoming infected.
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