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I have seen lots of ghost in my life time. As a matter of fact, I see them almost every night...We all do.
Once destined to live in darkness, dozens of people hit by retinal diseases rediscover the light, when scientists tried to overcome blindness. "Bionic retina" allows people who are blind to be able to go back to "see" the sidewalk, or also the door for example, and even the texts.
A look at the life of filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, who directed several classic movies and was also know for his eccentric behavior.
All eyes on me...We all say every day eyes are the windows we all know This version is slightly different read it and you will know.
Quest to see ...your eyes...There is a twist in this one ...I shall leave it as a secret ...Do read it
Will you say yes and just begun plus one more yes this will do..I see my eyes,.
The eyes are the most precious organs for anyone to be deprived Help them when u r gone ... going .... going ....ere gone..
Her eyes are more beautiful than mine or anyones But my eyes are incomparable...
Most of my poems are based on human beauty naturally eyes come first and foremost
eyes are the windows to a beautiful inner of all human and animal
This poem was composed long long ago and 16 comments fell as my share within moments Wow you will love it for its simplicity
The eyes are the windows through which gals and guys communicate Do you too?
Eyes reveal the inner soul of anyone ...My eyes are dominating ...more than anyone else's except yours dear reader .So now read on
This is perhaps the briefest poem I have ever composed No not for paucity of words but perhaps of hope!
When we look, what do we see, is it the truth, or is it the truth we want it to be. How do we know what we see isn't only the lines inside of ourselves? A question that at times is worth questioning, even if it is to secure the ability that we still can have a moment of freedom to thi...
Yeah! Beauty In Your Eye This poem is a real conveyance of reality of life.
Sighs,Eyes and Size When in doubt open them up and read this one.Today two fundamentals were cleared first one is about eyes,second about size
Love is blind but i often wonder what role does the eye play under the covers
While hundreds of songs have been written to celebrate the Halloween season--from the silly to the down right creepy--there is a small handful that go beyond the merely frightening to achieve the chilling. Songs that evoke such a sense of darkness that they belong in a group all thei...
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