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I believe that eyes are the most beautiful part of human and that they reflect a lot about the person
short poem about angels eyes in the heavens,that down at us 24/7.. look up on a dark night and think !
Another relationship poem on how I felt and again it didn't last but I'm with the one I belong with now
to a special person at that time meant something but wasn't meant to be.I hate when that happens. but my nana always says things happen for a reason.
Around 11 o'clock this morning, I start to lose my sight partly. The last time such a thing happened was first in 1993, then in 1998/1999, and now again in 2012. Today it just gets worse and worse.
My world changed for the better, when I had my son. This poem is about the gifts that my son gave to me. He gave me these gifts without realizing; he had done anything. Being a mother is the greatest joy in my life. This poem is for my son.
Just close your eyes for a moment, and let the most warm calm fill your tired soul.
For the better part of our lives, many of us has been told to "eat your carrots, they are good for your eyesight! But did you know that apricots are good for your eyesight, but they can help fight off those itchy watery eyes but they also encourage healthy skin too! I know right? Win,...
This is a poem that I wrote expressing how I see my mom in me. I can see my mother in so many ways within myself.
The pen is mightier than the sword, but our power of speech comes from The Lord
One person's perspective on seeing with monocular vision.
our natural eyes can always not show us what we need to see. what we see determines how much we work. what we see determines our vision learn more from the outstanding poem on how to see
A trip to the optician can be a very hit or miss affair, and sometimes you are not much better off
a cornucopia saying Much and yet so little for that is how life thing...non sense for true wisdoM lies within and delusion filters the outer...enjoy
I've always been hiding my depression through a mask of happiness. Nobody was able to tell. Maybe this will eighteen thoughts who are blind.
I honestly don't know where this came from. I don't know where this is set, or who they are. All I know is: the father is the king, and the boy is the prince. The little girl is a villager. Maybe. And, it is general fiction because it isn't quite horror, but it's almost there, I thi...
This poem shares about the different moods of love.It also gives you joy and inspiration.
I have written before about those frightening days back in June when I faced and experienced my greatest fear, they were horrible days and was reminded of them when recollecting the worst of times those months ago. Of course these memories may fade, but they can never entirely disappe...
A moment in time wherein you want to know what's really in the heart of your former love even if years has passed.
I do not like mirrors, they can tell a lie or make me face my reality, the truth I strive to hide, the facts I want to hide. I realise I need to face my fears and take that look, things cannot possibly be worse than they seem or can they?
Travel with me to worlds without end..not found here for sure but step beyond what you do or think you are and there find the magic that lays within and in the outer worlds....this is pure out-of-the body stuff where I hang out a lot!!!!
Office romance, a good move or not? This are the thoughts of a young lady who is attracted to a work colleague who also happens to be one of her bosses.
This is one of my poems ... I wrote it in the form of English Sonnet.
There can be many ways to defeat writer´s block and this is certainly and excellent one to write a page on a given moment.
Look me in the eyes, look carefully Look at me and I assure you can see it
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