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Based on my own (imaginary) theory of how a rodent and an insect might interact on any given day in the forest, but only when the 17 year cicadas descend.
A short tale story about how a cat , a dog and a mice started their epic battle of household supremacy.
The Soul unit of Oneness came to be when It of Itself (some call God or Buddha or?) decided to know All of Itself...the fable is told...across infinity It flew scattering parts of known as on if you will..enjoy....
For Jessie Bells, Kales the Magnificent And Jteetle whom I love to moon and back.
The greatest of lessons can be learnt from tales, fables and from Zen teaching stories too. This is an old Zen tale about the man who fell down the well. The story tells us how to abandon secular logic in order to make the leap out of our well of Hell into Heaven.
A short poem with moral lessons attached. The danger of recklessness, over-confidence, naivety.
Just like an old fable of the owl and the pussy cat so the hare and the hound can be changed into something rather different...a fun piece indeed for those who are not righteously indignant or indignantly righteous....enjoy
Summer had ended, and fall had begun,two ducks flying south
The travails of GVR, a writer in a basement. Here you find two words: spags which means spelling and grammar mistakes and ESL means English as Second Language.
These are fables allegorical and symbolic stories for children as well as elders.
It is rewritten version of Puss in Boots, a classic fairy tale, written by Charles Perrault with some additional characters in it. Besides, additional plots occur in the story with fable, Gothic, and fantasy touch. In this story, a small cat tells his experience to help his master an...
This is a little fable that I actually enjoyed writing. The message of the piece is based off of a belief of mine that 'Mankind doesn't deserve the prospers of nature'. That is in this little short story fable. I hope the reader enjoys. Comments are open.
This was actually a creative fable that I made recently. After looking into the Grimm Brothers, I decided to try something new out of my writing style. Somewhat of a short story but with something else in mind. I'm quite amazed at how this little piece turned out because in the beginn...
The Inuit story of Skeleton Woman is all about making friends with the dark side, and in the process transforming ourselves.
They are not mice. They are mouse-like tools for computer and it is one of their stories.
A story on how tigers gained their stripes. Also what that had to do with kites.
A different look at The Lion and the Mouse by the great Aesop.
A fictional account on how Pop Corn was discovered
What would you do if you found a very beautiful box lying on the road? Have you ever imagined what mysterious wonders it holds? This is a bedtime story I created for my children.
Have you ever wondered how flowers originated? Well this is the story I told my children.
A fairy tale I created for my children. It is about the origin on Moths and Butterflies.
Weekends are so pleasurable that on a Monday morning there is resistance to go to school.
Everyone needs freedom to grow as individual. It is a fable of self development, of respect to freedom, and of role as team player.
A funny fairytale I wrote a few years ago, about an adventurous princess in the kingdom of Qwerty Uiop.
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