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Marzeus's sister, Elmarie, and her husband, have lived more than a year on Tower Hills. Their other business had died out, and so, Father helped them with millions to set up a partnership between them and him to set up a paprika plantation.
Have you acknowledged that you have failed? So many people fail. But how many of those who admit it? Understanding yourself is not really a difficult thing. Just imagine, it's something about our own, meaning 'is' the more we know about ourselves, rather than someone else. No one in t...
Loss is hard to bear. This can create a fear, which can force us to change for good or bad.
Certain things will only happen just once and will never repeat again.
Emotions about a failed relationship. Going through the process over and over again.
A poem about a girl trying to get out from an infatuation.
Can we stop or slow the climate change? The reality is depressing: the economy is more important than our environment and the future.
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