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Marzeus's sister, Elmarie, and her husband, have lived more than a year on Tower Hills. Their other business had died out, and so, Father helped them with millions to set up a partnership between them and him to set up a paprika plantation.
Marriages are hard work. It requires effort on the part of both spouses. What happens when one spouse quits trying? The marriage starts to fail. Here's what to do when your marriage "ship" starts sinking faster than you can bail water.
Read about my struggles with school and my biggest confession.
This page is about sharing our failures with our friends which help them to gain experience
Loss is hard to bear. This can create a fear, which can force us to change for good or bad.
Statistically, above 95% of individuals who join network marketing fail and certainly not make their original investments back.
A little reminder that we all have trials and tribulations, times when we feel less than accomplished.
All hope is not lost if your children go to a public school. You just have to be an active part of the solution.
Send your children to a public school to ensure they will be ill-prepared for life, as America's education system is failing us, as it appears to be doing so by design.
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