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Even those who think nothing of giving everything they have as the right thing to do become aware their efforts are being taken advantage by few who are out to exploit their kindness causing a pall of gloom. The giving and taking highlights our attitude to life and it may well be give...
It is time for a perceptible change in our perception of life and what it should be for peace and inclusive society; then only the fruits of technological advancement will percolate to all strata of society.
Moderation need not be a final condemnation, Or an "Agree to Publish" is, of course, always welcome. A few rounds of verbal banter and/or discussion Might give an opportunity for some more revision.
When we fail to play our part to deliver justice to all, book the culprits, the logical solution seems to be for a revisit to reddress this need. Or, maybe. to seek fresh pastures to carry on this fight to ensure complete deliverance!
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