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Moses listens attentively as God continues his discourse, giving particular consideration to the Ten Commandments but also exploring other provisions in the law.
Do laws for adverse possession or squatters as they stand today make sense to you? They don't to me. They seem to come from times when invaders drove away people from the land they conquered.
Instead of targeting the few who are out to exploit the loopholes in law, new compliance requirements in banking make life needlessly difficult for the majority whose needs are basic.The cost burden and time needed make the poor poorer while the rich are hardly touched in the end.
The concept of fairness as a beauty adjunct is ingrained in Tamil psyche
Our fair share A kind poet said that she was sad a mom was robbed by her own loved son ..So I composed this one...
It is time to shift our focus from selfish pursuits to selflessness as our guiding light for inclusive society. When we share our mother earth, the air we breathe, come and leave empty handed, it is clear our pursuits should be above selfishness.
Judgment is delivered here only..We all still think of a life beyond unknown....
Our lifestyles are clearly unsustainable and untenable. We carry many a baggage that we can do without and finally leave empty handed. Let us bid adieu with a lightness of being without a second thought when the call comes; for that, our minds should be focused on goals for sustainabl...
When we take others for granted, become insensitive to their beliefs, culture and feelings we repeat past mistakes. We never learn the lessons as we expect different results while repeating the wrong actions. Time to turn a new leaf. Technology is no substitute for empathy and underst...
In these days of Viagra, silicone implants and enlargement or reduction of organs in a human body, the market forces are introducing several fascinating but controversial products.
fairness in government and the unfairness of the billions being poured into sport, when other vital services are being cut.
April Poem A Day Challenge Day 17 Fantasy Poem. In this case about a fantasy world.
This is about the end of justice and how others deal with the ruling of people. It is a happening in many countries nowadays but I am not pointing fingers!!! This is poetry/pose and a figment of my imagination come alive on this page.
Enduring peace on earth has eluded mankind from inception. This article takes a look at what is actually peace and those factors militating against it, including of course the panacea for real peace.
Your really try with all you have and fall short of success
In this poem I wanted to capture the different perspectives of wanting and fairness.
The continuing saga of the last goodbye letter, to explain why online relationships are full of assumptions and that the five senses should be engaged in physical proximity with another being in order to avoid misinterpreting communications received both intuitively and through the wr...
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