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I don't if it is the smile I get while writing things like this, or its just the time I wasted in the effort that makes me do it, but I do it just the same.
This is one for the upbeat, present day 're-write' of one of the best fairy tales ever on to find out more.
This is the true gruesome version of the fairy tale story Sleeping Beauty and his necrophiliac aristocrat. I hope this won't ruin your childhood.
nice to become young if we all were little sweet fairies
Is love only like a special fairy tale or can it really be special in your heart and life for real?.
ABC has an awesome television show, called Once Upon a Time. Fans of fairy tales, or LOST will love this show, but may be wondering about the plot. Here is a basic plot summary of the show Once Upon a Time
This was actually a creative fable that I made recently. After looking into the Grimm Brothers, I decided to try something new out of my writing style. Somewhat of a short story but with something else in mind. I'm quite amazed at how this little piece turned out because in the beginn...
[u][b]ADULTS ONLY[/b][/u] Another of my adult fairy stories, the next time you are walking in the wood you might just find an adventure.
For those who grew up under Walt Disney’s wondrous cinematic spell, the world of fairy tales and fables appears to be a veritable wonderland created just for kids. But what most parents and children are unaware of is that most of these beloved classic stories were never intended fo...
Once there was an Emperor who was very interested in clothes. He was always buying new outfits and he would spend hours chat­ting to tailors and weavers of cloth about which colors suited him best and which cloth was better for coats and which for trousers
Once upon a time, in a mighty kingdom, there lived a soldier called Mark. Mark was a brave man and had risked his life a thousand times on the field of battle in defence of his king.
A different look at our favorite fairy tales. What would the real Aesop think?
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