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How can reading compete with the world of technology? This generation of children are fortunate to be part of the technology explosion and to be technophiles, but parents and carers it is also vitally essential for children to know how to be creative and to use their imaginations.
'Is there something else we may offer you, dear Eleadoara?'' Aked Chompy. 'Mmmm. May I have a cold drink, please?'
I don't if it is the smile I get while writing things like this, or its just the time I wasted in the effort that makes me do it, but I do it just the same.
This is one of my emotional writing towards LOVE. How everything I've dreamed of had been a total nightmare. What I've thought about LOVE became the total opposite of it. Why I became who I am today. We have a lot of different views when it comes to LOVE and this is what mine is. I am...
A groom is helped by a Gnome but soomn he will discovers that his order is going to change
As many poets before me Lago di Como inspires us to write... experience pangs of love. On the slopes of Hampstead Heath nearer home fairy tale happenings occur. Magic can be found anywhere if you have the eyes to see and the ears to on and enjoy
The classic duality of creation is at play all the time keeping us alive while goading us to be positive co-creators in our epic journey. The challenge does not exclude anyone, anything.
Few adopt cunning ways to get ahead in life. They may prove shortcuts to material success and political power, but they destroy the soul of society. It is time to redefine success to include less of selfish pursuits and more of inclusive effort.
A rhyme with a clear meaning to show young children how forgiveness is important so that they can grow up to respect others
Another story told by rhyme in a poem with an important moral.
A story i wrote for my grandchildren with a moral edge too it.
Fairy tales for me always have an inner meaning or message to convey. I think they are ways to show people the effects of dark and light, love and hate, mystery and on and enjoy..
This is the true gruesome version of the fairy tale story Sleeping Beauty and his necrophiliac aristocrat. I hope this won't ruin your childhood.
As children most of us read and enjoyed fairy tales and myths oft imagining we were in the least I I decided to write a page about this and here it be....enjoy
Enter the gloomy world of Snow White, Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz", and the dark side of "Alice in Wonderland." The fairy tale poems combine happy endings, perseverance, and tormenting emotions.
nice to become young if we all were little sweet fairies
Fairy tales repeat through time a message all have they..for us to read between the lines and find the secrets hidden can too if you will....for therein lies the magic
An innocent child born of love wanders into a drab and angry land, the Yellow Kingdom, where human failings prevail and her identity is threatened by envy and jealousy. In the end, she is whooshed back into the arms of her mother by the gift of love embodied in the form of rich rain t...
We learn the basics of proper behavior from young but the world around us races ahead by not heeding them. We have to be patient, calm and keep our cool. Eventually, we will be rewarded in more enduring ways than by those that prove transient.
Is love only like a special fairy tale or can it really be special in your heart and life for real?.
We all, at least most of us, have fond memories of days of yore when we were young and full of joy. When we saw magic happening all around and everything was an adventure. This piece is about such a lady and her memories.....
This is the first in a series of my seasonal poems for children. It is based on the style of a fairy tale or nursery rhyme, full of dragons and giants and children's imagination, but most of all their love of a scary tale.
We all dream...that is a given. Probably as young children we were given the keys to journey into the magical realms of light but then the veil of forgetfulness dropped when we were around 6 and now we have to find those who can help us find the magic again. This is all about it.
A poem about dreams and desire and when A fantasy becomes reality even if only for a moment......enjoy!
Once upon a time, an old man found a crane trapped in a snowy field. He set him free and once again was able to fly again. Let's find out what the crane did to show gratefulness to the old man....
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