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I have been away from Wikinut for a while as I was preoccupied with writing my children's book and getting it published. Now my friends at Wikinut can see the fruit of my labor. I am the first Indian to publish a children's book for American children.
The young girl thought she was alone while napping on the forest, but was she really alone? Someone was watching over her.
A journey some will not take at least in this lifetime but then you will return and maybe do it...maybe not....but as i have said before Not One Soul will be Lost and God loves all of His Creation...even those who in againstness come!!!!!
The final book of the Artemis Fowl series is a must-read for followers of the series, but works as a stand alone if you like a good fairy adventure with very little romance. This book has a lot to offer in the way of female characters as well, so those who enjoy fantasy, wit, fairies ...
It’s not known how the corgi came to be. It’s thought the Vikings brought them to Wales in 800 or maybe the Celts did in 1200 B.C. Either of these might be the case but the much more interesting theory is provided by Welsh folklore.
This poem is just a fantasy of a boy about a girl appearing regularly in his dreams n disturbing his sleep. But it also tells whether he meets him in real or not.!
There are many versions of folk tales , my source is an eighteenth century book, only 500 copies of which were printed. I was loaned one by the owners of an estate on the Kintyre peninsula, West Scotland. In most versions the captain of the ship that rescues Kirwan is named John Nisbe...
nice to become young if we all were little sweet fairies
The poem is about a person who used to steal a flower everyday from the garden. One day he was tricked with a paper napkin flower. It really happened.
A book review about Kiersten White's novel: Paranormalcy. First book to the Paranormalcy series.
A book review about Julie Kagawa's short novella: Summer's Crossing. An adventure about Ash, the winter prince, and Puck, the summer jester/prankster.
A book review about Julie Kagawa's novel: The Iron Knight. The fourth and last book to the Iron Fey series.
A book review about Julie Kagawa's novel: The Iron Queen. Third sequel to the Iron Fey series.
A book review about Julie Kagawa's novel: The Iron Daughter. Second sequel to the Iron Fey series.
Asin and Nefertiti becomes good friend and they share their secrets. Unforunately, Asin finds out that she has been cheated. But, these things happen only in Asin's dream. When she wakes up she finds a bitter truth.
A short poem about walking through a fairy glen, what you might see and how enjoyable it can be.
It's the season of Love and Valentine is here. I have been thinking of a Love Poem. But the inspiration was not forth coming. But when I read Songs of Solomon (the Love Poem) of the Bible, I got some Love anointing there and within some minutes, I was able to compose something worth r...
Superstition, the age of naivety and innocent minds, had been rife with tales of ghosts - and fairies, too, everywhere, but not after the "Age of Reason" when only children saw and played with "them." Them, fairies, "the Cottingley Fairies," I mean...
[u][b]ADULTS ONLY[/b][/u] Another of my adult fairy stories, the next time you are walking in the wood you might just find an adventure.
Ineffable Beauty and Unspeakable Grace come from the same source: the glorious power of inexpressible love. We, as humans, are allowed to view glimpses of it, brush by hints of it, hear melodic molecules dancing in the wind, but never are we submerged in its effervescent sacred omnipo...
This poem describes the element or concept of forgiveness, as a virtue personified and worthy of reflection in any given situation.
A silly story about 3 elves wanting to repair teeth.
Once there was an Emperor who was very interested in clothes. He was always buying new outfits and he would spend hours chat­ting to tailors and weavers of cloth about which colors suited him best and which cloth was better for coats and which for trousers
Once upon a time, in a mighty kingdom, there lived a soldier called Mark. Mark was a brave man and had risked his life a thousand times on the field of battle in defence of his king.
Don't be a coach potato. This is a story of how it all started.
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