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So back in 2012 i moved in a small house, because I didn't really have a choice. I have lived here for 2 and half years. I have a slum lord for a land lord. He name is Erik and he sells real estate. Now the place i moved into wasn't cleaned, even tho he said it was. It was a mess. I...
Friends are our life and we all love to make more and more friends in our life without knowing that many of these so called friends are fake. How to tackle these fake friends is really a tough task and i have tried to put some light into this matter here
Trying to sort through all the talk and figure out the difference between a fake and a real Dom or sub can be hard. Here's hoping this piece helps sift through it all and gives a clearer picture.
This poem highlights the issues of real and fake, the truth and the wrong, these are all purely subjective; all change individual to individual - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
So here is my experience with iwriter.It is one of the worst sites I have worked on.
Christmas trees have changed so much over the years and some of the changes are great while others are not so great.
In here, all of my dark thoughs of myself, others and the world is gathered. It may contain some hope, but dont be sighting with relief yet; many of them contains hidden words and meaning. Unless youre a bit like me, you wont understand. Some writings is something i have experienced, ...
It's easier to preach than to follow your own preachings.
it is a short story which arouses susupence in reader and and ends with smile on the face of readers.
People sometimes hide things about themselves, due to fear of judgment or acceptance. I wrote this poem to those of you who hide for these very reasons. Pretending to be someone else never lasts.
Can someone have bootleg love toward you only in life?......
Someone you never even dated thinks they have conset to enter your heart and they are dating you at least on their end in life
Vampires are hot. They suck blood. They are rich. They are cool. They have super-powers. They are bad-asses. But the question is, do they really exist?
This page is about the fake persons who are cheating and betraying others
This article is about the fake persons who are pretending like good friends
This page is about the persons who ever using the fake photos, they must change this activity
This article is about dealing with double faced persons who are back stabbing us
This article is about creating and using the fake certificates. We must really avoid this kind of fake activities.
This page is about the lazy persons whoever refuse to go work and beg money from others.
Poem is about the fake world in which we live and when we encounter the truth, the reality and stuff, then we realize how wrong we were..!!
November PAD Challenge Day 17- Reveals Something. Dedicated to those who have been bullied and/or those against bullying.
Do you believe everything you see on TV? Sure even if you know something is a story, and you know the story is false, there may be some smaller details you think are real. Let us examine some of the most common myths perpetuated by Hollywood.
Sometimes a person can get so wrapped up in being someone else, that he forgets who he really is. We aim to please others and lose sight of ourselves.
This poem is actually more straight forward then any of my other poems. More off of imagery and slang for what could be something that is fake. This is something that I saw in the subway of the city recently. Comments are open.
Its about a man i know, one of my best friends. 48 49 50
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