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In the UK, rape victims are being hounded by the police while their tormentors are being let off. At least that is what “BuzzFeed” and Lisa Avalos would have you believe.
The recent and ongoing Harvey Weinstein scandal has led to an outpouring of allegations against other celebrities.
The Harvey Weinstein scandal has caused outrage on both sides of the Atlantic, but not everyone is impressed with his accusers.
The sexual grievance industry would have us believe rape victims often withdraw their complaints out of fear. Sure they do.
Hysteria over rape has resulted in its being treated as worse than murder, often at the expense of justice.
In December 2012, Alexander Economou took a stunningly attractive young woman to bed. He is still counting the cost.
False rape allegations are said to be extremely rare. Most police officers don’t believe this, with good reason.
If a man’s girlfriend tells him she has been raped, what should he do? Take her to the police, nothing else.
The pressure group Women Against Rape claims the UK police are assisting rapists. How much truth is there in this?
Are police officers worldwide colluding with sexual predators to conceal their violation of women, or have we all be taken for a ride?
False allegations of rape and lesser unacceptable sexual behaviour are endemic in Western societies, none more so than against celebrities.
Like CCTV, the mobile phone has saved many men from unwarranted rape convictions.
False rape allegations are usually the result of artifice, but sometimes they can result from delusions.
A look at the lighter side of false rape allegations, on both side of the Atlantic.
How many times have you heard sob stories about so-called asylum seekers being raped? Most of these women are shameless liars.
The mainstream media continues to report on the ongoing campaign against Bill Cosby while ignoring the paucity of real evidence against him.
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