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In addition to bribes and recruitment scams,fake cases against innocent people are widely used to destroy competition and a form of corruption where the officials are less likely to be penalized
How Indian security and intelligence agencies are harassing, cheating and exploiting a harmless single woman engineer without proof for more than 5 years, falsely claiming that she is a security threat only because she has saved some money for her old age.
It's not enough, for China, that Pastor Zhang is in prison for crimes that were fabricated. China wants his land, his church's land, and maybe even the orphanage's land. Because he refused to acquiesce by keeping the land that his church rightfully owned, he is in prison, his family m...
Yet another case of an overzealous police officer has resulted in the re-examination of 90 cases in New York. This is becoming too much. I have lost all faith in American justice.
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