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Studies have shown that the birth order of siblings can affect their personalities. However, the research was not done on girls or large families.
Having a place that we can call home is one of the most important treasures we can have if not the most important one.
Just another day of what I go through, see, experience, and feel as a 20 year old college student trying to find purpose in life.
Our children are increasingly helpless within their own schools. See a new sample books that are invading the classrooms in order not only to spread homosexuality and bisexuality but also the now to stimulate children from 9 to 10 years to have sex. The book is suggested by the MEC di...
A review on the film Still Alice. Good characters and excellent photography and locations, but this illness is far too serious to just make an entertaining and moving film.
Has a bright child is a dream of every parent. To that end, a variety of information about how to make a child smarter much sought after by parents.
This is a story about a dear friend of mine, and at the same time it is my story as well.
This is a poem bout loving your family even in hardship and finding light finding you and a boys journey to poetry
It can be overwhelming to juggle with life today. When it comes to juggling with work, family, making ends meet with money.
This is a story based on truth and Experience of light and darkness and where we can find Hope
Life should be cherished, enjoyed, rewarded, memorable and sometimes, we are lucky to have and share special moments with our loved ones. Those times give us some of the best pleasures in life.
We all have problems at times, and the best way to change the water of difficult problems into the wine of genuine solutions is to look at any problem as a potential lesson or advancement reality. So, I begin by quoting William Clement Stone's pet saying: "Do you have a problem? That'...
Short story fusing memory and fiction around life and family...
A Short stories about family and characteristics passed from mother to child.
We all know the story of those ill fated lovers who ended up happily I am sure together in heaven for that is where lovers go...just as Lucifer and me linked up according to a silly person here. So enjoy this tale of woe so well written by Shakespeare long ago..
Going through some older material, and stumbled across this piece. A rare gathering for my siblings and I,before things got too crazy and busy. We tried to touch base every now and then, but it seems once again life has gotten in the way. The memory here is a good one, I enjoyed that...
This is about 5 important things in life that you should fullfil before the others things, money and foods isn't number one in this list, so, what are they??
The family of Malaysia Airlines passenger plane that disappeared on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing requesting a search continued though the evidence has not been found after one month.
Pizza, a quick, easy meal choice that everyone loves. The beauty of pizza is that it is such a simple way to feed the family. Unfortunately we often associate pizza with unhealthy, fast food. The good news is, it doesn't have to be that way. By choosing healthy bread for your base and...
Having seen on the news the devastation caused by the Typhoon, I feel I must write about it. People have died, and are homeless, they have no food or water, and they need the help of the whole world. Read on to find out more about it.
What really goes on in The Barn? An inside peek into a rural man cave...
A few homes are passed down in families, sheltering generations throughout the years. Sometimes we become bored staying at home, but when we're gone away for a while, we are anxious to return. There is no place like home.
this article show that families have to love their brothers and also their friends who have to become their new blood brothers
On what the enemies of reading books are and what to do to get a child used to read books.
Last night I saw the second part of this interesting documentary, where Sir Trevor Macdonald meets women in prison and listens to them speaking about their crimes, and their families. Read on to find out more.
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