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Are you thinking about getting a pet cat for your family? How do you know which cat will be good with your children? How can you tell if a cat is going to be safe with kids? How do you pick the right cat for your family?
Boxers are widely misunderstood and even a bit scarey looking to most pet owners who are used to looks of other dog breeds. Here are a few videos of our extremely lovable and very gentle Boxer that might just change your mind!!
My grieving experience and happy memories of my Gentle Labrador Retriever who was my best friend, protector and constant companion.
We all know that humans can suffer from allergies but, it can also be a condition your furry family members might have to deal with. I have gathered some tips to help you get them through this time of the year.
I have been on the search for a companion for Bugg. Bugg has been on the search for a friend since May of last year. Then I was confronted with a issue, is a animal worth buying?
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